Genre: Documentary

Avant-garde 1920’s and 30’s physicians thrust aside all constraints set by the old scientific and religious guards and launch a global movement, as they carry out  +

The Endgame Project
Genre: Documentary

When your body gives way, all that's left is heart. But is that enough to perform this play?  +

One Bullet Afghanistan
Genre: Documentary

“One Bullet Afghanistan” is an alternative version of America’s longest war: a woman filmmaker encounters the mother of an Afghan boy shot by unknown Western military  +

Blood and Thunder
Genre: Science Fiction

tbd  +

Decoys (Lockvoegel)
Genre: Drama

In 2008 as the US army bases around Frankfurt begin to close, a young woman and a young man whose fragile identities are on the verge of collapse take on the roles of seducer and  +

The Dream of the Audience: Theresa Hak Kyung Cha
Genre: Documentary

The film is an intimate remembrance of the groundbreaking artist, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, who through her art practice guides her audience to a state beyond sorrow.   +

Genre: Documentary

4 girls + 3 sleepovers + 10 years = 1 important conversation about how girls today can successfully navigate adolescence despite the pressures they face. "Sleepover" calls  +

Call for Help
Genre: Documentary

While most people escape one of the deadliest disasters in modern history, volunteers rush in for the rescue. What are they running away from?  +

Untitled Carl Jung - Red Book Documentary Project
Genre: Documentary

The Red Book is a feature-length documentary journey through the visionary journal of Carl Jung, exploring its creation, art and impact.  +

India In America: A Trilogy
Genre: Documentary

INDIA IN AMERICA is a series of short documentaries about the lives of Indians in America.  +

Conversation with the Cosmos
Genre: Documentary

From the origin of spacetime to the Puerto Rican hills, come explore the invisible worlds of the Arecibo Observatory, the biggest radiotelescope on Earth.  +

Genre: Documentary

A two part film about the legacy of the Holocaust in the Balkans as seen through the eyes of a group of Sephardic Jews from New York with roots in Bulgaria and Greece.Part  +

Murder Of A Movie - How J. Edgar Hoover Killed 'The President's Analyst'
Genre: Documentary

The film is in the final month of post-production.   +

Genre: Drama

Rising passions in a sinking Venice.  +

Nam June Paik & TV Lab: License to Create
Genre: Documentary

Video art becomes a world-wide phenomenon, portable video documentaries change broadcast television, experimental drama and diverse, ethnic voices influence new generations though  +

My Fat Identity
Genre: Documentary


T-Fred: The Last Frog Hunter
Genre: Documentary

A real-life Boyhood meets Beasts of the Southern Wild. 14 years in the making.  +

In Search of Bengali Harlem
Genre: Documentary

.  +

Genre: Documentary

Handheld uses footage from Albert Maysles’ 60 year-long career in order to create a portrait of the cinematographer himself. His daughter Rebekah mines the archive of outtakes  +

Half a Soulja (Urban Casualties)
Genre: Documentary

Byron Breeze, Jr., born without legs or complete hands, is determined to “be somebody” and in the process challenges society to see his wholeness and not just his disability.<  +

The Man Who Sold Suburbia, William J. Levitt…
Genre: Documentary

No Log Line Provided

Dear Anna Olson
Genre: Drama

Dear Anna Olson is a parable of how small, positive actions can have a profound impact on a person’s life.  +

Genre: Documentary

Stories of Crime, Faith & Redemption  +

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