Genre: Drama

After his dream restaurant fails, a world class chef returns home to start fresh, only to find himself being dragged into the dark criminal underbelly when he goes into business  +

Don't Pick Up
Genre: Horror

A young aspiring junior attorney, working on behalf of a Texas oil company, is tasked with falsifying documents linked to a cursed wrongful death lawsuit.  +

Genre: Drama

Drifts explores the changes in life that unsettle our awareness of the world: a father and son watch the sun rise each day despite the boy’s failing eyesight; a burnt-out  +

Genre: Horror

Four strangers are being hunted by the same demon. They must find each other before the fiend finds them.  +

Genre: Documentary

In a world quick to decapitate and fearful of turning to stone, we dare to meet Medusa's gaze. The documentary film MEDUSA explores the myth of the snake-haired gorgon, offering  +

Genre: Drama

A Father's despair and anger lead to the ultimate crime.  +

Dirty Girl
Genre: Horror

When a sexy night out is interrupted by the worst period of her life, a woman’s walk home quickly spirals into a bloody nightmare.  +

Things We Shouldn't Talk About
Genre: Documentary

In an epidemic of disinformation & hate, is acceptance possible?  +

The Last Goodbye
Genre: Comedy

When confronted by her most private desire at her grandmother's funeral, a young Polish-American woman struggles to navigate her truth and her familial pressure to conform.  +

Amy Lee, The Last Princess Of The Korean Empire
Genre: Documentary

Amy Lee, the last princess of the Korean Empire, lives a solitary life in New York, and speaks about the lives of the final Korean Royal Family and real value of freedom.  +

All the World's a Stage: Shakespeare and the Invention of Modern Theater
Genre: Documentary

In 1577 London, a new theater, “The Curtain” opens, where a brilliant writer and his literary circle of gay and bisexual playwrights invent modern theater.  +

Plum Island (working Title)
Genre: Documentary

As a high security government lab plans its departure, every issue of our times converges on tiny Plum Island, 100 nautical miles from Times Square.  +

School Dance
Genre: Comedy

In this Silent Dance Comedy six high schoolers confront their true identities through lush fantasies, all without words, one night at their 1980s school dance.  +

Miss Mermaid
Genre: Drama

May travels from Taipei to New York and discovers a secret life her sister has been keeping from her and their distanced mother.  +

This Joyless Place
Genre: Student Film

A rebellious young woman starts volunteering at a hospice and develops a deep friendship with an eccentric patient with terminal lung cancer.  +

Genre: Comedy

During the pandemic, a New York couple spends it together, envisioning fun and games. But the strain of being alone threatens to destroy their relationship.  +

Genre: Drama

A recently immigrated Iranian couple must balance their political activism in their home country with the struggles of making a new life in New York. 40 years later, in the same  +

Test Drive
Genre: Drama

A career criminal uses a car dealership test drive as cover for a daring robbery.  +

Plastic People
Genre: Documentary

Plastic People is a landmark feature documentary that chronicles one woman’s mission to expose shocking new revelations about the impact of microplastics on human health.  +

Laadli (My Darling)
Genre: Drama

A Pakistani-American writer plays the gracious host with her husband on the day she learns her miscarriage is inevitable.  +

The Speed Of The Distance Between Us
Genre: Documentary

The Speed of the Distance Between Us provides an unflinching look into the lives of ten bereaved parents as they journey through grief and parenthood to make sense of their loss.  +

Queer Youth: A Foster Care Story
Genre: Documentary

Queer Youth: A Foster Care Story is a documentary feature about LGBTQ+ foster youth and families, and how they fight for a better future.  +

Genre: Documentary

An immigrant worker continues to dedicate his life to horses and the sport of polo. Year after year, Mobles’ spirit and work ethic strengthens and enlightens his  +

Genre: Drama

A Latinx story that explores the changes a couple faces when they learn they are expecting a child.  +

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