: Narrative Feature
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Completed


When TONI SPRESSO (17) realizes she cannot cure her emotionally volatile lover, VICTOR TIBLIANO (30) from alcoholism, she attempts to sever their abusive relationship, but he would rather see her dead than with another man.


Intentionally left blank.


When I was 16, my life changed forever. I was a busgirl in an Italian restaurant. The alcoholic bartender with whom I worked has seared an indelible impact on my life. Our relationship started innocently enough: Victor would hand me notes asking me to meet with him for a drink after our shift. I certainly didn’t take him seriously. I had a boyfriend, I was only sixteen, and I perceived him to be a vile individual. But when my boyfriend and I broke up, I learned that Victor was an alcoholic. I felt compassion for Victor, which compelled me to focus my energy on a man who wanted and needed me. I used Victor to try and heal the pain I was feeling from the rejection I had recently encountered. Victor became obsessed with controlling me and turned violent when I attempted to end our affair. In my naïveté, I thought if someone loved me enough, then I would find it in myself to truly love that person back. Moreover, Victor believed my love could cure his alcoholism. Only in the aftermath of our relationship did I understand that is not reality. Victor attempted to take my life, and although my screenplay, Victims, is fictional, portions of it mirror of my teenage experiences. As the writer of this screenplay, I feel this story is relevant because, as women, we are often depicted as the victim of someone’s actions or choices. However, this film depicts a young woman who comes to realize that she has the power to make decisions that impact her life. She does not need a man to care for her - or for her to care for. She is prepared to face the world, educate herself and raise a child. When I was a young woman, I asked my father for money to pay the college application fee. His response was, “What for? You’re just going to get married and have a family.” I don’t judge my father’s understanding of what I was supposed to be, but it is I who must make choices. Victor taught me that the only one I can truly control is myself. I need not proclaim to be a victim when I was in fact a volunteer. Some additional main topics include alcoholism, verbal and emotional abuse, mental illness, insecurity, bravery, education, and perseverance. The principal filming is underway and is being shot on a Varicam- LT. The production team is excited to share our approach to telling this story using a variety of camera lenses, appropriate lighting, professional sound equipment, continuity, an array of interesting locations, appropriate period (mid 1980’s) costumes, hairstyles, make up, props, vehicles, etc. The DP works closely with the Director and AD to ensure a variety of artistic framing and perspectives using a wide variety of shots and angles with stationary pans, hinges, dollies, hand-helds, etc. This film will have custom music composition, sound design, and credits. It is this director’s goal to deliver a film with excellent performances and technical expertise. The estimated running time is 107 minutes.


Patricia White - Writer/Director/Producer
Patricia White is an author and teacher from Westchester County, NY. In addition to her award-winning libretto, Hearts of the Hollow, Ms. White’s films, Blossoms of Faith and Following Phil, have earned recognition for best writer and best film in numerous festivals. In addition to writing, Patricia directs, produces and performs in various, independent projects including music videos, sketch comedy, reality TV pilots, and short films. Ms. White is currently directing and producing her first independent drama feature film, Victims.

Jon Bedard - Assistant Director/Editor
Jonathan Bedard has been working as a freelance filmmaker since his graduation from the Art Institute of NYC in 2014. He has worked as an editor and camera operator for multiple short films, commercials, and musical artists. From 2014-2016, Jonathan worked for a digital publishing company, Interactive One, where he acquired skills in editing, producing and sound engineering. Jonathan is currently assistant directing and editing his first feature film, Victims. When Jonathan isn't filming, he enjoys music production and campfires.

James White - Administrative Support
James White, Patricia’s husband and business partner, operates White Tech Consulting, LLC, a computer consulting business that provides IT support for small businesses throughout the Tri-state region. James brings almost 30 years of general technical expertise to the table. His background and innovation support the administrative aspects of ‘show business’

Patrick Mullen - Director of Photography
Patrick Mullen comes with a strong background working as a best boy and key grip on numerous television shows and films including Bonding and The Blacklist. He brings expertise and creative vision to the project using a Varicam – LT camera. Patrick has passion and commitment that combines artistic vision with technical expertise.


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