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Immerse is an online magazine designed to spark creative discussion of emerging nonfiction storytelling and dedicated to creating a more inculsive media landscape.


Launched in late 2016, Immerse is a publication invested in critical dialogue around new forms of interactive and immersive nonfiction media. Immerse writers examine the art and craft of emerging media, covering impact, engagement, ethics, aesthetics and other issues related to audiences and social change. It's a co-production of MIT Open Doc Lab and the Fledgling Fund and is supported by the Ford Foundation and the MacArthur Foundation.


How are we telling stories about the world today—and why? User participation, mobile, social, and gaming have already unsettled the waters of documentary and journalism. With the advent of a new wave of extended reality, this is a critical moment. We need a widespread public conversation around emerging media forms from across the globe because these new modes of storytelling are poised to shape the ways that billions of people learn, communicate, and understand themselves and the world.


With a curious and critical eye, we publish regular features and special, focused issues on an array of topics, including artificial intelligence, equity in tech, networked activism, and more. We are concerned with serious questions about the ethics, impact, and implications of emerging forms, but also want to celebrate the explosion of creativity and wild experimentation that’s happening at the moment. In the process, we take a broad look at what we mean when we say “nonfiction.” Where does “media” end and “reality” begin? We are committed to exploring projects that push at the boundaries of this question and tackle issues of social justice. 


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Jessica Clark - Publisher

Jessica is Publisher of Immerse and the Founder/Director of media strategy and production firm, Dot Connector Studio.

Ingrid Kopp - Founding Producer/Editorial Collective

Ingrid has worked in documentaries and interactive media since 2000. She is the Co-Director of Electric South and lives in South Africa.

Sarah Wolozin - Founding Producer/Editorial Collective

Sarah is the Founding Director of MIT Open Documentary Lab.

Carrie McLaren - Associate Editor

Carrie is the Art Director at Dot Connector Studio.

Abby Sun - Editor

Abby is a Researcher at MIT Open Doc Lab and Curator at the DocYard and Sentient.Art.Film.

Katerina Cizek - Editorial Collective

Kat is Artistic Director of the Co-Creation Studio at MIT Open Doc Lab.

Claudia Romano - Associate Producer

Claudia is Producer at MIT Open Doc Lab.


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