mother daughter

: Narrative Short
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Post-Production


To face the long avoided task of digging through her dead mother’s belongings, E returns to the family farm in the south of Sweden. But when her childhood friend Mia arrives as moral support, E falls into the murky terrain of her childhood grief.


After the death of her mother years earlier, Emily returns to her family’s farm in the south of Sweden to face the long avoided task of digging through her mother’s belongings. When her childhood friend arrives from the States for moral support, Emily stumbles through the murky terrain of trauma and grief, straining their relationship and forcing her subconscious fears to bubble to the surface. Falling somewhere between fiction and documentary, MOTHER DAUGHTER follows a young woman's journey through life long grief, trauma and longing against the backdrop of the southern Swedish countryside. Using elements from the writer Emily Faris's life, MOTHER DAUGHTER travels through the intricacies of lived-in grief, trauma, friendship and missed connections.  


This tale has haunted me for over a decade—initially formless, now realised. I lost my mother at the age of ten and have been unable to find the perfect way to convey what that means and what that absence feels like. After years of work, consisting of equal parts self-indulgence and self-distancing. I allow it to simultaneously be everything about myself and nothing to do with who I am today. I wonder: What does curative grief feel and look like?

 To me, grief is measured in time. Grief ages with you and takes shape after you. It can become a shadow that haunts you or a lifelong friend that walks with pride alongside you. But what happens when you outgrow the identity you constructed out of your grief— do you take it as an opportunity to grow or do you fall deeper into your past? We projected my tale onto an isolated moment, a what-if scenario. In the translation and collaboration the project became a work of fiction infused with real life elements. We broke down a very specific moment of the unceasing journey: picked it apart, examined it and made the remains into a hauntingly beautiful, tactile museum.

--Emily Faris


Emily Faris - Actor/Writer/Producer

Emily Faris is a Swedish-American actor and writer currently dividing her time between Stockholm and Los Angeles. This past fall she could be seen in the Swedish feature film, UPPSALAKIDNAPPNINGEN. KÄRA DOTTER is her first screenplay, heavily influenced by the loss of her mother when she was a child. Emily is a graduate from the BFA Acting program at California Institute of the Arts.

Selia Fischer - Director of Photography

Selia Fischer was born in Munich. She studied applied Cultural Studies with a focus on media and theatre in Hildesheim and Marseille. Currently she's finishing her B.A. with a practical thesis about crossing boundaries between documentary and fiction film. One of her main interests is in memory culture and the depiction of trauma in the arts. Her filmmaking experience ranges from different departments such as AD and production assistant to set decoration and editing. KÄRA DOTTER is her first fiction project as a DOP.

Michaela Fraboni - Actor/Producer

Michaela Fraboni was born and raised in Queens, New York & moved out to Los Angeles after receiving her BFA in Acting from Rutgers University. Recent film credits include Bunny in short film Childish Things, and Donna in indie feature Creedmoria. She can also be found playing Tabitha in a new web series on Youtube, A Girl’s Guide to Ghosting. Favorite LA stage credit, Mari in Four Chambers by Lisa Kenner Grissom. She received a Broadway World LA nomination for her work in Broken Fences (2016). Michaela has also produced two plays at The Road Theatre Company in Los Angeles; Sunday Morning by Abigail Carney & Through the Eye of a Needle by Jami Brandli.

Joshua Gleason - Director

Joshua Gleason is a filmmaker and founding member of The Spirit Farm Film collective. He began his career collaborating below-the-line on acclaimed films like Matt Porterfield's PUTTY HILL and I USED TO BE DARKER and Andrew Ahn's Spirit Award-winning SPA NIGHT. Along the way, he has written, directed, and shot several short films and performance pieces that explore time, connectedness, and technology. His work has screened at international art and film festivals including his graduate thesis film while attending the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) which premiered at Indie Memphis Film Festival in 2014. His latest feature WHERE THE BOYS ARE is set to film in summer 2018. 

Emily Moran - Costume and Production Designer

Emily Moran is a Los Angeles based costume designer. After graduating with a BFA in design from Calarts in 2014, she has worked on a range of projects including Andrew Ahn's Spirit Award winning SPA NIGHT (Sundance '16), Jenee Lamarque's THE FEELS (SIFF '17), and video essayist kogonada's debut narrative feature COLUMBUS starring John Cho and Parker Posey (Rotterdam '17). Her additional credits include short films, music videos, and commercial work, all maintaining a focus on narrative design.

Ania Pachura - Co-Producer

Ania Pachura is a German-Polish performer and filmmaker who studied cultural science and applied aesthetics in Hildesheim and Stockholm. She is interested in international and collective collaborations. During her time in Sweden she co- produced her first short film KÄRA DOTTER. Pachura is currently researching her thesis project about the performativity of menstruation.


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The Gotham Film & Media Institute - Fiscal Sponsorship Program 2021
Grant from Helge Ax:son Johnson stiftelse '18 (Sweden)
Grant from AStA Hildesheim '17 (Germany)
Grant from Studentenwerk OstNiedersachsen '17 (Germany)


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