Wonder: Art Is The Way

: Documentary
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Pre-Production


An intimate look into a generation of extraordinary artists transforming the world in unexpected and beautiful ways.


Wonder is an intimate look into a generation of extraordinary artists transforming the world in unexpected and beautiful ways. Filmmaker Mario Troncoso (Arts In Context) embarks on a fascinating journey to document their creative processes, triumphs and challenges. At the center of the show is the power of art and the transformative effects it can have on individuals and communities. What is the role of the artist in our society? Who’s in charge of our collective narrative? The scholars, the bureaucrats, the critics, the media? When questioning the role of art today, we will explore the illusive borders between art and life, art and media, art and society, as well as art and activism.



Our first season explores how artists are struggling to find their roles in the current divisive political-social climate. We travel the country filming both widely-known and unknown artists from all walks of life -- urban and rural artists, visual artists, musicians, composers, actors, writers, performance artists, as well as artists working with more obscure mediums. We will look at the way the work of these artists emerges from their diverse but interrelated American identities and experiences, while exploring how their art reflects on and contributes to the collective narrative of our country.  Each season will have one continuous narrative told in 12 episodes or acts. Each episode will feature a different artist or group of collaborative artists.  Though none of the artists or groups are directly related to each other, they are all connected by a central theme for the season.


Over the years, I have had the privilege to experience first hand how powerful and inspiring art can be to people from all walks of life. Cultural bias is, however, as prevalent in public media as it is in the art world. Who gets to tell their story? Who decides what we see? As Allen Ginsberg put it “Whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture.” Our ultimate goal is to create a long lasting, diverse, and inclusive public television series that will serve as a platform for artists in front of and behind the camera, while disrupting the way public media portrays art in America. A larger audience doesn’t necessarily mean greater impact, but when it comes to diversity and inclusion numbers and equity matter. Our team understands that it is our responsibility to seek out artists who are often overlooked because of their race and ethnicity. Our interest is at the crossroads where different communities intersect and art meets life. We look for the unexpected.


Mario Troncoso - Director and producer

Mario Troncoso is a 10-time Emmy® award-winning filmmaker, Producer and Director of the documentary series Arts In Context (PBS) and founder of The Documentary Society (Doculab). With extensive agency and production company experience, Mario has worked on productions across many formats over a period of 15 years ranging from advertising to documentaries and fiction. Born in Madrid, Spain, he began his film career as a writer, influenced by the Madrid art and punk scene of the late 80’s and a love of cinema and 90’s independent American films and pop culture. After moving to the US to pursue a film career in 2000, he joined a number of local artists and began producing videos and short experimental documentaries and works of fiction in Houston, TX. His immigrant experience in Houston and the diversity of the town was very influential on his choice of characters and his visual storytelling. Mario holds a Bachelors degree in Radio-TV-Film and a Certificate of US Latino Media Studies from the University of Texas at Austin, where he was also honored with a Communications Scholar Award in 2011. In 2015 he was the recipient of the prestigious ESB-MACC Award of Excellence for Emerging Artist. This award recognizes remarkable Latino artists who have demonstrated distinguished service, leadership, and dedication and have made a lasting contribution to the cultural arts through artistic excellence.

Sarah Schutzki - Producer

Sarah Schutzki is a documentary filmmaker and producer. She is the founder of FERAL Creative, a full-service boutique production company specializing in visual storytelling spanning original documentary shorts and series, non-traditional music videos, commissioned commercial work and branded content. From conception and development through production and post, projects combine traditional documentary and narrative storytelling techniques with modern cinematography and filmmaking technology. The result is original, immersive, innovative and emotionally resonating content spanning genres and characters as endearing and entertaining as they are everlasting.

Chelsea Hernandez - Producer & Senior Editor

Chelsea Hernandez is a Emmy® award-winning filmmaker based in Austin, Texas. Her work focuses on unique perspectives of various issues and topics through the lens of ordinary people who challenge the status quo and injustices in this world. She is a fellow of Firelight Media Doc Lab, Tribeca All Access, Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) National Mediamaker Program, and NALIP Latino Media Market.


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