Asta's Journey

: Narrative Short
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Pre-Production


A young girl discovers that the fairytale creatures and stories from her childhood are real as she struggles to help save a new friend. Strength, courage, and faith are needed if Asta is going to succeed.


Asta's Journey is the story of a young Norwegian girl on the eve of her ninth birthday. Having lost her mother when she was four years old, Asta still struggles with the loss. Riddled with creatures belonging to Norse Mythology, Asta's Journey is a story about family, courage, and faith.


Freia M. Titland slipped into the world of film-making with the idea that the arts and entertainment worlds were places that held a certain kind of magic. This magic could give individuals the ability to create new worlds, new cultures, new languages, and new characters. It could also provide people with the opportunity to express themselves and give voice to their creativity. It's that idea of creative magic that Titland holds on to when she creates. Titland is an independent filmmaker whose work has been showcased and awarded internationally. She is also the founder and festival director of The Midnight Film Festival located in New York. Titland hopes to continue to share her worldview through the lens of art, nature, and magic.


Freia M. Titland - Director/Producer

Freia M. Titland is an Actress, Writer, Director, and Arts Educator. She received her BFA in Acting and Religious Studies from Pace University and Oslo University, her MA in Theatre from Regent University, and is currently working on her MFA in Film from Regent University. Freia has written, directed, and produced the following award winning independent projects: Sunflower Fields (festival phase), A Mermaid's Desire (distribution phase), and Ophelia (distribution phase). She has also directed a handful of creative photography projects. Freia is also the founder and festival director of The Midnight Film Festival.

Callum Plews - Sound Designer/Co-Producer
Callum Plews is an audio editor and engineer. Some of his work is as follows: 2018 Audible’s Best Fiction Audiobook • Audio editor and mastering engineer for Circe by Madeline Miller. 2017 Earphones Awards Winner • Recording engineer for 2017 Earphones winner Death In The Air by Kate Winkler Dawson. Podcast productions: Eye on AI, Mystery of Memory, Groomed LA, Singapore Unbound. Audio for film productions: Rider Real, Heir, Life of Significant Soil, Carnal Orient, Sensory Perception. Audiobook directorial work: Take You Wherever You Go by Kenny Leon, Consider The Lobster by David Foster Wallace, Spaceman by Mike Massimino.

Jeannie Lee - Lead Animator
Jeannie Lee is an experienced Illustrator and Animator. She has experience preparing storyboards and animatics. She also has worked as a lead character designer and multi-media designer. Portfolio:


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