Hawaiian Soul

: Narrative Short
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Post-Production


Against the backdrop of the 1970s native rights movement, a young Hawaiian activist must gain the support of an agitated and skeptical group of community elders to aid in the fight to protect the precious island of Kahoolawe. A series of life memories remind him that music has always been the answer.


Set in Maui 1976, George is dealing with a crowd of upset kupuna (elders) at a town hall meeting. Located in an old Hawaiian church, George and his comrades are at odds with the group of wary community members who don’t like the look of these young “radicals” that have come to push their position of Protect Kahoolawe upon them. As the arguments get heated, George, in a spiritual state, is confronted by the ancestors from beyond, spurring his soul back to moments in his life where music has always been the answer.


The real life story of George Helm ends in tragedy and sacrifice, but what remains is his legacy of aloha aina, a beloved patriotism for land and country. His actions in the Hawaiian civil rights movement made an everlasting impression on the generations to follow. Many today hold him in high regard as a hero who helped stand up against the largest armed force of its era, the US Navy, and put a halt to the target bombings of a precious, defenseless island known as Kahoolawe.


Aina Paikai - Director

'Aina Paikai is from Waiau, on the island of O‘ahu. He is a Native Hawaiian filmmaker determined to tell the stories of his homeland. He received his bachelor's degree from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa's Academy for Creative Media under the tutelage of pioneer filmmaker, Merata Mita. 'Aina has spent the past 10 years, the entirety of his professional career, as a shooter/producer/editor for ‘OiwiTV, learning from accomplished filmmaker and businessman, Na'alehu Anthony. As part of 'OiwiTV, he has been fortunate enough to experience traveling the world, most recently as a crewmember and documentarian aboard Hokule'a during the Malama Honua Worldwide Voyage. He has recently retired from 'OiwiTV to spend more time with his budding family, wife Annemarie and two young children, as well as focus on pursuing his passion of narrative filmmaking in Hawai'i.

Kaliko Ma'i'i - Producer

Kaliko Ma'i'i is a writer, producer, director, musician, and great lover of Hawaiian language and Hawaiian stories. Kaliko is also a professional Camera Assistant working in the film industry for the past 14 years.


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