: Narrative Feature
GENRE: Comedy
STATUS: Pre-Production


Intimates follows Roberta as she returns home to steal her high school girlfriend back from her brother.


Nadia's marrying Roberta's brother Samuel, so Roberta comes home to get her back. Samuel expects Nadia to save his failing business, and Carol, Roberta's girlfriend, comes along to force Roberta to decide who and what she wants. Everyone's going to decide if they want the families they have.


My art comes from me trying to understand my compassion and my anger. I love the characters I create, the subjects I document, and my audiences. I want to communicate my frustration with the injustices queer people, people of color, and the working classes face. I believe in active, reconciliatory justice. Making art is the best way I know to engage with that justice. Even when my work is angry, I want joy to invite my audience into the work. I want to celebrate the average person, who is in fact exceptional, and when people work together. My characters define themselves by how they worry they aren’t worthy, and that lets my audiences know other people feel that way. It’s a hard way for me to work, but if I want to make anything beautiful, I’ll do it by examining depression and anxiety in how people move through the world. It’s the only way I know to make the art only I can make.


Brandon Sichling - Writer/Director/Producer

The best way I’ve ever known how to connect with people was through stories. I grew up in rural Illinois, in a place where people either embrace stories or kill themselves. I loved the joy on my friends’ faces when we watched movies, talked comics, played video games. Eventually, I realized I could make those things. I went to film school and I experimented with combining my love of genre stories with my adoration of Hollywood’s Second Golden Age. Since then, I’ve had to question and create who I am, what I stand for, and what I want out of life. To do so, I've worked with film, games, prose and essays, and comics. All center around my reflections on how I've interacted, and seen others deal with, with unjust systems. I'm interested in talking about how sex and art help people live with and fight mental illness and bigotry.

Katherine Castro - DP

Recently selected for the American Film Institute Cinematography Intensive for Women in Los Angeles, Katherine is a New York City-based Cinematographer. After studying architecture and photography while living in the Dominican Republic, Katherine returned to Boston in 2008 where she began working in film and TV as a Local 600 Camera Assistant. Applying her design and photography background along with the invaluable lessons she has acquired over the years working in production, Katherine brings a unique style and viewpoint to her cinematography. Her work spans narrative, music video & documentary and has recently been screened in film festivals such as Indy Film Fest, Woods Hole Film Festival & Asian American International Film Festival in NYC.


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