: Narrative Short
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Production


A Mississippi high school senior with a vivid imagination fantasizes how living in America would be if slavery never existed.


Somewhere in Natchez, MS lives an innocent seven-year old named Mya Bailey, who experiences a traumatic encounter with racism on the porch of her neighbor. Over time, Mya develops a unique coping mechanism through visits to her grandmother's greenhouse, fondly titled the Garden of Eden (GOE). Now a senior in high school and in lieu of Black History Month - Mya's memories and flashbacks of fear, rejection, rediscovery and rejuvenation emerges. As Mya faces and overcomes her share of trauma in this indie short film drama, what remains unforgettable, besides the garden, is the depth of dialogue and narration that will send the viewing audience on a journey of raw emotion confronted through the unspoken issues America faces today. 


As a research buff of black history and world history altogether, I was moved to write a short narrative drama screenplay entitled GOE. After sharing the script framework with Emmy-award winning cinematographer, Elijah Lewis Jr, the written elements within the screenplay were taken to a whole new level. We understand that Black History evokes different reactions regarding American history and we knew it was essential to capture it. Albeit, it only makes sense for our production team to produce GOE in February 2020 (Black History Month). Our production strategy is unique. We have reverse-engineered a customized cinematic experience through our creative visual depiction of the Garden of Eden (GOE). Throughout the acts of our film, it becomes apparent that the only place where racism does not exist is in GOE. Taking this ideal we guided the tone throughout our screenplay, to show we are not afraid to ‘go there’. Our film mimics the dinner-table discussions on race that many of us have conducted in the privacy of our homes, but never in public. We deem ourselves the digital architects of storytelling and our first collarborative short film project will be our proof-of-concept for our upcoming feature films.


Elijah Lewis Jr. - DP

Emmy Award-winning cinematographer Elijah Lewis Jr. is CEO of DPInteractive LLC, and uses his continuing experience in multimedia to meet the needs of his clientele. Moving beyond “hands on” audio and visual recommendations, Elijah incorporates market and media research, competitive analysis and public relations’ solutions to his increasingly diverse services. Starting in audio, Elijah has worked as Music Producer, Sound Designer and Mix Engineer on both studio and live production projects. Assisting such artists as Christian Bibawi, Mary J. Blige, Mary Mary, Lady Gaga, Commissioned, Lexi and Disney’s The Cheetah Girls, Elijah excels at analyzing and executing audio solutions for diverse participants in the music industry. In 2010, he completed a Behind the Scenes documentary for the feature film Mooz-lum. In 2012, the PBS American Graduate program he worked on as Cinematographer earned an Emmy Nomination.

Kim Collins - Writer & Executive Producer

As CEO of Creative Group Media, a boutique collective of creatives launched in 2019, Kim Collins inspires and enjoys being inspired when working within a team of artistic professionals. Having a passion for screenwriting, a degree in electrical engineering and a reputation as a history buff; Kim understands the importance of artistic synergy between Content, Creativity, Comprehension and Connection. Starting her creative writing journey within freelance editorial pieces in national publications and local newspapers, Kim understands the power of words. Obtaining this knowledge led to her furthering her writing career in 2009, when she served as Publisher of a re-launched magazine title Flair, of the late Fleur Cowles. Transitioning into professional filmmaking, Kim understands that a filmmaker requires more than passion. Recently partnering with Emmy award-winning cinematographer Elijah Lewis Jr., this team has acquired a highly-professional production crew and various specialists from around the world to produce the film GOE. Kim's overall goal in film and television is to set new standards in digital, editorial and visual artistry.

Julee Yee - Production Assistant

Currently working as a lead production assistant for DPItv, with Elijah Lewis Jr., Julee Yee is a Michigan State Alumni with a B.A in Advertising and a Minor in Graphic Design. She has a strong business acumen in all things visual. Working with an agency team, Julee assisted with managing the filming of Flagstar Bank’s national television commercial campaign. While in Shanghai, she served as a lead content creator for launching Forever 21’s Fall Collection Promotion. She specializes in developing social media marketing and promotion strategies. Julee has launched the website for GOE and its social media campaign which is set to extend GOE's marketing presence post-production.


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