I'm The Veteran

: Documentary Feature
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Production


By sharing the stories of women veterans over generations this documentary breaks the stereotype of what a veteran looks like, setting the record straight.


Their stories are inspiring, heartfelt and full of dedicated resolve. Despite comprising roughly 10% of the veteran population and making up 20% of the current active-duty population, and growing each year, female veterans have been overlooked for promotions, shut out of leadership roles, and mistaken for the spouses of men in the military. It’s time to smash these stereotypes  by sharing the stories of women veterans who have served in the US military.

This documentary will reveal the untold story of women veterans spanning from WWII to the present day, Post 9/11 era. It will break the traditional stereotypes of what a veteran looks like, showcasing the stories of incredible women veterans.  We will dig deep into the motivations of these women – why they joined the military, the challenges they have faced during and after their service and their perspectives on the way forward towards an equality future.


I’m The Veteran uses the narrative of our four heroic women to pull the audience into their engaging stories and create empathy pushing the stories through history. Going beyond a simple historical narrative that has been overplayed by the military genre this documentary focuses on the human aspect. The narrator opens the film setting the scene for woman prior to WWII over historical photos and video. We are faced with the hard truths first of how women are treated and throughout the film we progress to the hopeful and optimistic future of equality. Interviews for the subjects take place in multiple styles; sit down interview, standing or walking. The locations for these are practical to the part of the story they are sharing. When detailing their military experience, the subjects are in their own homes or a safe place where they can openly share their experiences. When speaking on life after the military the film shows the subjects during their regular everyday lives; at their current professions, with their families and friends. Interspersed throughout the narrative experts from gender studies and military historians provide context on the plight of women in the military. These interviews are shot in sit down style in locations on the campuses or museums where they work to lend to the gravity and air of authority. Lighting for all of the interviews complement each other using a careful natural light selection when outside to mirror the diffused daylight and minimal shadows of the sit-down interviews. They are shot in single frame medium and close up shots. The interviewer is not seen in the film instead it focuses on the stories from the women not the dialogue between interviewer and subject. The color palette begins with the low contrast oranges and pinks conveying the interest and anger over how women have been systematically excluded from integration with the male counterparts. Throughout the film the color shifts a higher contrast yellows and greens representing the optimism and hopefulness we have in furthering equality and representation, breaking the stereotype that women are veterans too.


Nicole Gagliano - Director/Producer
Nicole Gagliano is the Executive Producer and Director for this documentary. She is a first-time filmmaker and the founder of Bold Energy Films, LLC. She served in the US Army from 2005 to mid-2009 as an unmanned aerial systems operator, or drone pilot. She deployed for one tour to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom during the troop surge in 2007. She is completing her MBA in marketing and communications & media management from Fordham University. She has produced promos for the CNBC prime television lineup.

Melanie Gagliano - Co-Producer / Post Production Supervisor
Melanie Gagliano serves as the Co-Producer and Post Production Supervisor on this project. She has over seven years’ experience as a Head of Production and Post-Production Producer in New York City and Los Angeles. She has overseen campaigns for high profile client’s commercial campaigns for the Superbowl. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Ithaca College in Television Production.


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