Age Ain't Nothin but a Number

: Narrative Feature
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Pre-Production


When a young woman falls for a successful businessman who is already married, she is forced to re-evaluate life choices and comes to grips with the reality of love and relationships.


Yetta Yvette is a beautiful, intelligent, African American college student trying to earn her way through school. After being hired at a small trucking company run by "Mister" Dexter Gooding, a married man thirty years her senior, Yetta discovers they share a strong connection through his mentorship. One night after a late business dinner, they cross the line between professional and personal, and Yetta struggles to keep the relationship platonic.  As time passes, Yetta gives in to her longing heart and they fall deeply in love, transcending their significant age difference. But, just as life pushes you up, it also pulls you down, and tragedy leaves Yetta heartbroken and alone, picking up the pieces.


*Age Ain't Nothin but a Number* is a true retelling of romance, drama, and heartbreak, adapted from the autobiographical novel of the same title by Author Yetta Yvette. This powerful love story proves that we never know who we'll fall in love with, even if it's taboo, and how true love can change your life forever! This inspiring truth that you should NEVER give up on life and love is told faithfully and lovingly through Yetta's ruminiations.


Rob Margolies-Different Duck Films - Producer

Rob Margolies graduated from Chapman University with a BFA in film production. During his senior years, he was awarded a scholarship that entitled him to be mentored, by the Oscar winning Director William Friedkin. While in film school, Margolies also had the privilege of producing the first film from the Duffer Brothers, creators of "STRANGER THINGS." In 2009, Rob was awarded by Chapman University as Alumnus of the year. Rob first film "LIFELINES" stars Josh Gad, Hillary Duff, Charlie Sheen, and Wayne Knight. Rob has also produced many other films starring Randy Quaid, Jason Mewes, Alexa Vega, Tony Todd, Ashley Johnson, Kathy Najimy, Nolan Gould, and more... 


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