: Narrative Short
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Post-Production


Trapped and alone, a young man must confront the pain he's endured when he finds himself face-to-face with consequence.


When Jared awakens to find himself bound and alone, he desperately tries to find an escape from the waking nightmare surrounding him. Having no guide but himself, Jared soon discovers that home lies merely on the other side of a wall. However, when his attempt to break through proves unsuccessful, he quickly realizes escape may not be quite so simple, Panicking as freedom vanishes before his very eyes, Jared is forced to confront himself and the pain he's endured on an otherwise perfectly normal day.


Within the words penned to a page, regardless of if I intend to inhabit them as an actor, breathe life into them as a director, or have fashioned them myself as a writer, I believe there lies a view into the heart of an artist. From this belief blossomed the most integral nature of my work: to lead from the heart, always. The root of our humanity, the heart is not susceptible to the murkiness and prejudices of the eyes or of the mind, but rather responds with a pure, vulnerable honesty. It is solely from the traumas and pain of living that we find our heart’s messages shuttered and walled away; my work seeks to understand and peer through the protective nature of these walls, glimpse into the complexity of human existence, and make something from the raw, but beautiful, lives that I see there.


Kyle Patrick - Writer / Producer / Actor

Kyle Patrick holds bachelor’s degrees from The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill (UNC – CH) in Acting and Biological Sciences. Primarily accredited as an actor, some of Kyle’s recent film titles include A Bennett Song Holiday, The Girls of Summer, and Deliver Me, with theatrical credits including The Boys in the Band, A Christmas Carol, and Now or Later, as well as television credits in Chicago Med and Blood Feuds. Kyle is presently represented by Gray Talent Group for talent and 10MGMT for print. Having had an affinity for writing throughout his life, Kyle has decided to expand his production background beyond acting, thus kickstarting his desire to tell his own stories on film.

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Daniel John Harris - Director

Daniel John Harris is an award-winning Chicago filmmaker and co-founder of Redleg Films. After serving six years as an artilleryman with the IL Army National Guard, he traded his cannon for a Canon and started his career as a filmmaker and photographer. Credits: Hey Blue Eyes’ (winner, Artemis Women in Action Film Festival), ‘Wait, I’m a Racist!?’ (Best Director, Collected Voices Film Festival / Best Film, Shortcut 100 Film Festival), and ‘Role Initiative’ (Critic’s Choice Grand Prize, Windie City Shootout).

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APEX Film Awards (Nominee - Best Experimental Film)
Canadian Cinematography Awards (Winner - Best Drama Film)
Athens International Monthly Film Festival (Honorable Mention - Best Short Film)
Breckenridge Film Festival (Official Selection)
Atlanta Underground Film Festival (Official Selection)
South Dakota Film Festival (Official Selection)
SOHO International Film Festival (Nominee - Best US Short Film)
Cindependent Film Festival (Honorable Mention)
NOHO Cinefest (Official Selection)
Albuquerque Film + Music Experience (Official Selection)
Aladerri International Film Festival (Winner - Best Illinois Short Film)
Aladerri International Film Festival (Nominee - Best Actor)
San Jose International Film Festival (Official Selection)
HorrorHaus Film Festival (Official Selection)
Austin Under the Stars Film Festival (Official Selection)
Symbiotic Film Festival (Official Selection)


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