Petit Beurre (working title)

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: Narrative Feature
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Pre-Production


Struggling with the transition into adulthood, a young Iranian- French-American woman escapes from the city and ventures to Cap Ferret where she reunites with her childhood best-friend.


Leila, a young Iranian-French-American living in Paris, struggles with her transition into adulthood. She escapes for the weekend to Cap Ferret, where she connects with her childhood bestfriend, Nicolas. They walk the line between platonic and romantic love stemming from their youth. At the end of the weekend, they go their separate ways, Leila reminded that the most beautiful parts of life are the moments between the lines.


One of my favorite things about Cinema and art, aside from the ability to transport you to worlds far from your own, is the flip side of the coin - the ability to see and discover oneself in a way that one might not have been able to before. I want to thus explore an experience close to my heart, that of first-generation life in Europe, as well as the more universally relevant experience of transitioning into adulthood.

The film is about reverting back to the basics and removing the excess - all filmed on 16mm to replicate the look and feel of new wave films all the while shot organically such as Blue Is The Warmest Color, Petit Beurre is the simple tale of a womens journey to become more in tune with herself. 


Yasmine Diba - Director/Producer/Writer

Yasmine Diba is a writer and director based between Los Angeles and New York. After graduating college with a film degree in 2017, she immediately started doing freelance work. She has worn multiple hats including directing, producing, cinematography, and art direction. Up until now she has mainly worked in the fashion world - she has directed projects with clients such as Gucci, Nike, i-D, and Vogue amongst others. She has been working on her first feature film Petit Beurre for the past year.

Hannah Perko-Engel - Producer

Hannah Perko-Engel is a Los Angeles-based producer. Born and raised in Oakland, CA, she is passionate about art, activism, and storytelling that champions female-driven narratives. She has worked across multiple platforms, spanning from editorial fashion photography to television and regional theater. She has worked with Vogue, Allure, Nike, Givenchy, the Berkeley Repertory Theater, and Netflix, among others. BFA, NYU Tisch.

Dana Boulos - Executive Producer/Casting Director

Dana Boulos is a Film Director, Casting Director, and Producer who lives and works in Los Angeles. She has worked on music videos, global campaigns, films, and commercials for Nike, Gucci, Mercedes Benz, Glossier, Farfetch, Saint Laurent, Oliver People's, and Rodarte. Her main mission is to help encourage women to pursue their dreams of working in the film industry.

Margot Le Calvez - Co-Writer

Margot Le Calvez is a French-American screenwriter and director based in Los Angeles. Upon graduation from Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, she joined Google’s in-house production studio before jumping into the freelance space as a writer and editor. She is currently completing her third feature script, directing two comedy shorts, and assisting NYT bestselling writer Julian Guthrie whose book Alpha Girls is being adapted for TV by Tristar Television.

Max Dindinaud Ferrère - Composer

Max Dindinaud Ferrère is a music composer and producer who lives and works in Paris, New York and Los Angeles. Max first started working on music for campaigns and commercials with brands such as Leclerc, Galerie Lafayette, Rodier, Nivea, Jean Paul Gaultier and BCBG MAXAZRIA. He currently produces and plays in Salmone & Midnight Tracks which both bands are signed with French record label L’inlassable.

Amalia Irons - Director of Photography

Amalia Irons is a director and cinematographer located in Los Angeles. She just wrapped her first feature length film. Her short films have screened at RedCat theater and in galleries. She works as a music video director, cinematographer, and editor. She exclusively uses 16mm film formats and has a film degree from CalArts. 


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