: Narrative Feature
GENRE: Comedy
STATUS: Development


After being released from prison for vehicular manslaughter, a wrongfully imprisoned ex-con seeks revenge on the used car tycoon who sold him the faulty ride.


Evan Kingsley just served another mans prison sentence for vehicular manslaughter. That man is the used car tycoon, Frank Scagnelli, who sold him the faulty vehicle. Upon his release, he quickly realizes he can’t change the future until he washes off the bad blood from his past.


It is difficult to imagine a more terrifying, dehumanizing experience than to be imprisoned for a crime you did not commit. Ramshackle is a crime comedy which follows the underdog story of wrongfully convicted, Evan Kingsley. Ramshackle gives a voice to the injustice of the wrongfully convicted and sheds light on the reality of mental health conditions, namely depression, addiction, suicide, eating disorders, and abuse. This film explores the connection between incarceration and mental health, depicting how this ongoing epidemic contributes to mankind’s suffering. 

Last Straw Films is an independent film production company founded by friends and fellow filmmakers Merritt Reid, Mike Jacobson and Brian Ogden. Our purpose is to tell stories that are interesting and thought-provoking while remaining entertaining. These are the types of films that captivated and mesmerized us as kids, and are the only types of films we are interested in making. We believe laughter is the strongest form of human connection and relatability. Our storytelling style promotes open thinking on important subjects and themes in a more accessible and engaging format. With this team, we have set forth on making our first feature film, Ramshackle. As we continue the pre-production process of bringing Ramshackle to the big screen, we will remain vigilant in creating work that is important to us and shines a light on the underdogs of society.


Merritt Reid - Co-Producer/Actor

Merritt Reid began his filmmaking career when he was out of work as an actor. His creative gremlin was relentless, so he began writing. His first script, Just the Eleven of Us, won the LA Comedy Festival. However, unable to sell his scripts, he decided to produce them himself. Between theater jobs, he took extra work on a feature film so he could save up to buy a camera and production equipment. He made his first short film, A Sure Thing, in 2013. He also met long-time friend and creative partner, Mike Jacobson, in the same year while working at a restaurant. They worked together on a few projects, but reunited in 2016 to form Last Straw Films.

Mike Jacobson - Co-Producer/Writer/Director

Mike Jacobson was born in Rochester New York and accredits his writing abilities to chemical imbalances created by the lack of sunshine in the gloomy part of state. He found filmmaking at 16 years old when his parents signed him up for a video production class in high school. His life would be changed from here on out after finally finding his passion and true calling. He graduated at Montclair State University with a BFA in filmmaking and has produced multiple short films, music videos, and commercials. He has been preparing himself to make a feature film for years and is excited to finally tackle his big dream.

Brian Ogden - Co-Producer/Writer

Brian Ogden is an independent filmmaker from New Jersey. From a young age, Brian was captivated by film. At 13, he made his first short film and was immediately hooked. In the following years he would write, produce and direct a number of short films including Beef Impact, which he co-wrote and co-directed alongside fellow Last Straw Films member Mike Jacobson. Beef Impact would go on to screen at a number of festivals including the Portland Comedy Festival, Austin Revolutionary Festival and LA Cinefest. Brian's focus in filmmaking is entirely on telling stories that immerse the viewer and allow them to connect to strange and complex characters. Brian graduated with honors with a BFA in Digital Filmmaking from the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University.


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