Murder Of A Movie - How J. Edgar Hoover Killed 'The President's Analyst'

: Documentary
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Post-Production


The film is in the final month of post-production. 


Ted Flicker, wrote and directed this wonderful comedy titled was “The President’s Analyst.” in 1967. It was a satire that included comic portrayals FBI agents and J. Edgar Hoover. Mr. Hoover got wind of the project and started to lobby Paramount executives to change the script. This effort turned into a three-way war between Hoover, the studio and Flicker. Because Flicker would not make changes, he was taken off the picture. But late one night he and his editor went to the studio and put Ted’s directors cut back together. That is the version that got released to the theaters. The film was doing well until Hoover saw it. He went ballistic. He sent agents to visit the studio executives and threatened them. He demanded that the movie be removed from the theaters. After realizing how Hoover could hurt them they agreed and the picture disappeared. Then Ted Flicker was black listed and never again made a major Hollywood film. Our film tells the story of Ted’s rise and fall and creative resurrection. 


 The film tells a fascinating inside Hollywood story about how the creative process can be corupted by powerful egos that demand control dispite the fact that they have no creative credibility. 


There are no key crew provided


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