Brought to Life: A Documentary about Colour Revolt

: Documentary Feature
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Production


A documentary examining Colour Revolt, indie rock’s best-kept secret, and the process of building a life from dreams that don’t go as planned.


Johnny Marr loved them. Julien Baker, too. Though they remain obscure, Colour Revolt’s influence permeates indie rock. This film steps into each member’s life today, ten years after they quietly disbanded. An examination of how we begin again, Colour Revolt’s story isn’t about making it — but making meaning of it.


Colour Revolt’s story repositions our definitions of success, deconstructing the notion that something must last for it to have lasting meaning. Those who have stood at the crossroads of pursuing dreams and building a sustainable life can relate. It would be easy to reduce this documentary to an exploration of what could have been. That isn’t the film we intend to make. Our movie meets each member in their current pursuits — a social worker, a painter, a missionary and others still making music. By stepping into their lives today, we explore a more universal question: How do we begin again when our dreams don't go as planned?


Joshua Cannon, Barrett Kutas - Directors

Joshua Cannon and Barrett Kutas met in high school, touring and making movies ever since. In 2018, Cannon and Kutas formed ONE FOUR THREE, a collaborative creating film, literature and events while seeking out those with a kindred vision to tell stories and host inclusive experiences for all. Their work has premiered at Indie Memphis Film Festival, the Mountainfilm Festival in Telluride, Colorado and on MTV, TIME, The Fader and KEXP.

Ryan Earl Parker - Cinematography

Ryan Earl Parker is a cinematographer whose latest film, the NETFLIX Original Documentary SECRETS OF THE SAQQARA TOMB, reached the #2 movie worldwide in its debut and is available now to stream. Also currently available in virtual theaters is the critically acclaimed film THE ARTIST’S WIFE (dir. Tom Dolby) -- starring academy nominees Bruce Dern and Lena Olin — by STRAND RELEASING. After premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival, his latest narrative episodic RELEASE directed by Joe Penna (ARCTIC, STOWAWAY) is currently available on the streaming platform TOPIC. Ryan also lensed the feature documentary PARIAH: THE LIVES AND DEATHS OF SONNY LISTON which premiered last November and is available to stream on SHOWTIME. He is currently filming a new feature documentary from Emmy-Award winning and Oscar-nominated director Sam Pollard called THE HARVEST.

Sam Leathers - Cinematography

Sam Leathers is a photographer and cinematographer living in Memphis, Tennessee. He has over a decade of experience shooting stills and video, and has worked as a video technician on high-end cinema cameras for over five years. His work has been featured on publications like The Fader and SPIN Magazine.

Kyle Taubken - Producer

Kyle Taubken is a writer, director, and producer from Memphis, Tennessee. His narrative work has screened at festivals around the world including Portland Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival and Bushwick Film Festival and has won awards at festivals including Indie Memphis Film Festival and Oxford Film Festival. He enjoys teaching and leading workshops and has done so for Sidewalk Film Center and Indie Memphis. Kyle is currently developing his first feature, the screenplay for which has been a finalist in contests including Sidewalk Film Festival’s 2020 Sidewrite Screenplay Competition, a Second Rounder in the 2019 Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition, and scored in the top 10 percent of the 2019 AMPAS Nicholl Fellowship.

Russell Riley - Producer

Russell Riley is an entrepreneur, inventor, and project manager with a storied production background, organizing events and creating businesses from the ground up to serve the Greater Memphis area. He founded The Water Source in 2006, grew the company’s revenue from zero dollars to over a million before cashing out in 2021. He now pursues a variety of passion projects. A talented product developer, Riley’s The Pitching Edge, a golfing tool designed to practice your game indoors, was commissioned by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for use at signature events. From writing commercials to professional consulting, Russell’s key talent lies not only in getting a project off the ground, but finding its audience and marketing it efficiently.

Mica Jordan - Art Direction

Mica Jordan is a graphic designer with a decade of experience creating print publications. As a founding member of One Four Three, those skills allowed her to naturally step into the world of production design, overseeing the art direction for films. A dedicated producer, Jordan lays the foundation for every production. Mica is designing a book that accompanies this film.

Nate Packard - Creative Producer, Still Photography

Nate Packard is a documentary photographer and videographer. He enjoys documenting life through 35mm and Medium format photography with an emphasis on capturing the ordinary moments within the human experience. Packard owns and operates Bad Timing Vintage, a clothing store in Memphis, Tennessee.


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