Shooting Blind

: Documentary Feature
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Production


Shooting Blind tells the story of a military sharpshooter who must reimagine his identity when diagnosed with a genetic retina disease that causes blindness.


At 21, Eitan Armon, an IDF sharpshooter, was suddenly diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) and told he was going blind. Alone, facing despair, Eitan summons inner resources to reimagine his identity, deploying positive psychology to find new directions. He is among the very first volunteers for an experimental treatment and takes on new athletic challenges. Climbing Kilimanjaro, backcountry skiing, and finally, pushing himself to climb El Capitan in Yosemite to raise awareness for diagnosing and treating this often-missed disease, he uses the lessons he has learned to inspire others facing setbacks to find hope.


The portaledge of El Capitan is where we find Eitan, camping out 2000 feet above the Yosemite Valley floor, drinking coffee and taking in the view with the 5% tunnel vision he still has. Eitan’s journey will be told through filmed scenes of Eitan — maneuvering around NY with a white cane, undergoing medical treatment with his doctors in Iowa, discussing positive psychology with his professors and mentors, dancing with friends, hiking, skiing, kayaking and rock-climbing. We will also employ sit down interviews with medical experts, academics, friends and family, and use historical footage including Eitan’s family films showing his childhood clumsiness — early signs of his eye condition. Animation and graphics will be used to explain Retinitis Pigmentosa, as well as to depict key stories about Eitan’s military service and diagnosis, for which no b-roll imagery exists. We will also film black-and-white military simulations with actors to depict Eitan’s challenges during basic training, when his vision deteriorated markedly. During the El Cap climb we will employ specialized cinematography. One camera will be on the rock with Eitan as he climbs, operated by a specially trained adventure cinematographer/guide. Camera two will shoot from the ground with a super-telephoto lens, as well as on the summit to record the culmination of the climb. Although there are moments in Eitan’s life of despair and frustration, the overall goal is to show Eitan’s resilience, humor, and compassion for others facing a myriad of physical and emotional set backs.  This is a story that is inspiring and upbeat and will leave the audience feeling transported and amazed by Eitan’s abilities and exuberance. Please see our sizzle reel at: (password: Shooting Blind)


Elena Neuman Lefkowitz - producer/director

Elena Neuman Lefkowitz is an award-winning documentary filmmaker based in New York City. Elena's film about four Holocaust survivors in Connecticut, People Forget, New Haven Remembers, was broadcast on Connecticut Public Television in 2020 and is currently streaming on PBS. Elena also partnered with HQ Creative on Wishmakers, a film about an award-winning Israeli wine produced by mentally handicapped adults. The film won the International Gold Medal from the World Humanitarian Awards, and an award of merit at IndieFEST. Elena has produced films for many private educational organizations and individuals.  Previously, Elena worked as an associate producer at Manifold Productions, a Washington, DC-based documentary film company, where she worked on three films for PBS: The Fall of Newt Gingrich, Rediscovering George Washington, and God and the Inner City.Elena brings a trained historian's and journalist's eye to her films. Elena is a graduate of Cornell University with a degree in history. She continued her graduate history studies at Oxford and Yale.


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