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: Documentary
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Post-Production


In this modern, coming of age documentary, immigrant and first-generation American high schoolers Naomi, Joanne and Arham grapple with economic divides, gender roles, and family dynamics as their devoted wrestling coaches prepare them for lives beyond high school and NYC.


As wrestling’s growing popularity among women drives a renaissance for the sport, male and female wrestlers must both grapple with wrestling’s new identity as a co-ed sport. Many states do not sanction women’s wrestling. Girls in the sport often train and compete against boys.


All American highlights widespread social issues—gender discrimination and bias, economic and racial inequality, and the intersection of these factors—by telling the story of female athletes, past and present, competing in a traditionally male combat sport. Interviews with the first generation of women wrestlers, enhanced with material from their personal archives, document the sport’s history of discrimination. This serves to contextualize the experience of our film’s protagonists who are taking up the struggle for equality. The theme of family or ‘found family’ connects all the topics within women’s high school wrestling. An ensemble cast of athletes, parents, and coaches provides perspective and insight into the realities of women in the sport. Voiceover and interviews guide the conversation, with occasional prompts or questions from behind the camera. The filmmakers’ presence is acknowledged but subtle. The story should strike a hopeful and inspired tone, but it will not shy away from probing the life choices of the subjects, the impact of social inequality, and, ultimately, the current reality and future potential for women in sport.


Mark Andrew Altschul - Director / Producer / Cinematographer
Mark Andrew, photographer, cinematographer, and director has made a career producing honest and powerful images of the everyday. He has partnered with leading advertising and branding agencies along with clients directly to create award winning campaigns and content. A few select clients include the NY Times, Pepsi, NFL, Sony, Adidas, Nike, Microsoft, Samsung and Aeromexico. Along with his narrative and documentary work, his film projects have been shown at the Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall. His photography work is in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian. He currently resides in NYC with his wife and son, but his hometown of New Orleans is always in his heart.

Evan Murphy Johnston - Editor

Evan Johnson discovered his passion for documentary film while studying at NYU’s  KanbarInstitute of Film and Television. Soon after, he was learning hands-on as an assistant editor for HBO’s “Sinatra: All Or Nothing At All” and “Rolling Stone: Stories from the Edge.” He helped craft Hulu’s “And We Go Green,” a film about electric-racecar drivers, PBS’s “The Oratorio,” Martin Scorsese’s “love letter to music,” and Disney’s “Afterward,” which follows an Israeli-American psychoanalyst as she probes the traumas of the Holocaust and the Israeli-Palestine conflict. He just completed editing “The King of In Between'', a documentary about singer-songwriter Garland Jeffreys. 



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