Sandy Still Speaks: The Untold Truth

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: Documentary Feature
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Production


A black mother searches for the truth after her daughter is found hanged in a jail cell after a traffic stop by a white cop.


Geneva Reed moves from Chicago to Texas to search for answers and accountability in the death of her daughter. Sandra Bland’s suspicious death sparked protests and outrage across the country, inflamed by the infamous dashcam video showing the young black woman being abused at the hands of a white officer.


The timing and relevancy of this topic is borne out almost daily with news of yet another minority motorist pulled over in a traffic stop handled wrongly by law enforcement officers. The theme of this documentary is about much more than just a single traffic stop and the tragedy that unfolded in the case of Sandra Bland. It shines a light on a massive systemic issue within the entire criminal justice system in Texas. What happened to Sandra Bland is an example of the rampant civil rights violations by police throughout Texas that involves illegal racial profiling, according to state troopers who speak on camera for the first time. They admit being trained to use illegal traffic stop tactics. As a result of the new evidence in “Sandy Still Speaks: The Untold Truth”, the U.S. Department of Justice can take over operation of the entire Texas Department of Public Safety and put a stop to the widespread illegal profiling because it’s a “pattern and practice” of the agency, according to a racial profiling expert included in the film. The documentary has the very real potential to end decades of corrupt policing that is negatively impacting millions of motorists.


Brian Collister - Director
Brian is a journalist, licensed private investigator and creator of the Investigative Network. His investigative reporting has resulted in embezzled public funds being returned to taxpayers, the criminal conviction of public officials, and the passage of new laws. In 2017 he received the Alfred I. duPont Columbia University Award for his investigation of the Texas Dept. of Public Safety which uncovered overwhelming evidence law enforcement was subverting racial profiling statistics.


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