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: Documentary
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Pre-Production


Design, happiness, and the human ritual of understanding.


Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, but rather in the brain. Common knowledge has long believed beauty and attraction to be a truly subjective idea, but research has shown otherwise. Faces, landscapes, and architecture–all have certain patterns that the human eye and the mind can’t break away from. They spark chemical reactions that lead to emotions. Humans aren’t the rational creatures we like to believe we are–rather, we are, biologically, feeling animals that think. Those emotions dictate our mindset and guide our path through life. Science in Design is an exploration of the world around us. From natural landscapes to urban centers to virtual environments, this show digs deep into the healing benefits of beauty, nature, and fine design.

The first season of Science in Design is a six-part journey into the effect that architecture and design have on the human brain, our health, and our sense of well-being.


Through both powerful stories and stunning footage, Science in Design offers audiences across the world an entertaining, yet sophisticated entryway into a large and growing body of evidence that attests to the fact that the built environment impacts human stress and the quality of life. Science has been studying the health benefits of beauty, nature, and design for 30+ years. They now document design’s ability to heal. 

Our first season combines empirical evidence with the spectacle of travel as we explore regions of the renowned and obscure worldwide and talk to the foremost experts across multiple fields to find out why we see how we see, why we feel how we feel, and how we can design a better world.


Just as Science in Design delves into how architecture and design influence the human brain, health, and well-being, we're crafting a viewing experience using evidence-based research applied to the screen. How does the perceived reality of documentaries differ from our daily perception of the real world? In an age saturated with image influence, we aim to construct visual narratives that mirror our daily existence in both the physical and virtual realms. Through carefully crafted composition, symmetry, patterns, soundscapes, and narrative structures, we aspire to enhance viewers' well-being.

Drawing from cinematic tradition and informed by cognitive neuroscience, Science in Design will provide a powerful visual tool for conveying intricate ideas beyond the reach of words and photography. Additionally, animation will be used to elucidate complex science and design concepts as required.


Mario Troncoso - Director & Executive Producer

Mario Troncoso is an Emmy® award-winning filmmaker and founder of The Documentary Society (Doculab). With over 18 years of extensive broadcasting and digital production experience, Mario has worked on projects across many formats ranging from advertising to documentaries and fiction. Most recently, he produced and directed six seasons of the award-winning documentary series Arts In Context (PBS).

Alonso Lujan - Director of Photography

Alonso's approach to cinematography aims to create an intimate visual language that resonates deeply with the viewer. To that end, his technical and aesthetic decisions are motivated by the emotional needs of the narrative. This philosophy applies whether making a commercial, documentary, narrative film, or music video; regardless of the format, his ultimate goal is always to produce the highest quality work. In addition to his personal approach to each project, Alonso highly prioritizes creative collaboration with all those involved, knowing that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Mindy C. Van Kuren - Field Producer

Mom, wife and producer by day, actor– when she's feeling really lucky. Mindy is currently developing "Out in the Open", an LGBTQIA sci-fi feature with Michael Williams/Shendopen Productions, as well as 4 documentary TV series as a producer with Doculab. She has worked on both sides of production in numerous short and feature-length films, tv shows, commercials, music videos, and non-broadcast videos. Past acting, credits include commercials for WH Law, McClarty Automotive Group, Glacier Bay Vodka, Toyota, and Arkansas Parks & Tourism, in addition to film roles, Susan in “Retreat!”, Nita in "Hallowed Ground", Tatiana in "Last Call", and Sarah Shepherd in "Ridge Runners", spokesperson for Custom Advertising, and host for Collision Hub News Network.

Chelsea Hernandez - Editor & Producer

Chelsea is an Emmy-nominated Mexican-American filmmaker based in Austin, Texas. Named as DOC NYC's 2021 40 Under 40 Class, Chelsea has worked for ten years in the documentary television and film industry on such projects like PBS national broadcast special, 'Fixing the Future', hosted by David Brancaccio of NPR's Marketplace and directed by Ellen Spiro (Body of War), 'United Tacos of America' an 8 episode series for El Rey Network and most recently on 'That Animal Rescue Show' a 10 episode series for CBS All Access executive produced by Richard Linklater. Beyond television work, Chelsea has directed and produced various documentary films including the 2018 SXSW Texas Short Jury Winner 'An Uncertain Future', a commissioned project with Field of Vision and Firelight Media. She made her feature directorial debut in 2019 with the award-winning documentary 'Building the American Dream' which premiered at SXSW 2019 and broadcast nationally on PBS in September 2020. She is a Warner150 Artist, a member of Brown Girls Doc Mafia, Documentary Producers Alliance, and a fellow of Firelight Media Doc Lab, Tribeca Edit Storylab, Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) National Mediamaker Program and NALIP Latino Media Market. She is also a grant recipient of JustFilms and Tribeca All Access. 'Building the American Dream' was the Seed & Spark and Project Greenlight #UntoldStory Contest winner.


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