Science In Design

: Documentary
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Pre-Production


Design, happiness, and the human ritual of understanding.


Science in Design is a six-episode exploration of the world around us. From natural landscapes to urban centers to ad campaigns, this show digs deep into the healing benefits of beauty, nature, and fine design. Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, but rather in the brain.


Science in Design explores the effect that architecture and design have on the human brain, our health, and our sense of well-being. Our goal is to apply all the same evidence-based research on the screen. To what extent is the perceived reality of documentaries different from our daily perception of the real world? We live in a time where the power of images has strongly invaded our everyday life, and we need new instruments and methods to better understand our relationship with the virtual worlds we inhabit every day. Just like in design, we seek to positively affect the viewer experience through well-crafted used composition, symmetry, patterns, sound, and narrative structures. Taking cinema as the beginning of our relationship with the world of moving images, and cognitive neuroscience as a paradigm to understand how the images engage us, Science in Design develops a cinematic experience, exploring our brain-body interaction when engaging with and watching our series. This approach can be a powerful visual aid capable of communicating complex meanings that cannot otherwise be conveyed visually. We plan, however, to use these techniques carefully not to create visual disturbances in the narrative of the series. Additionally, we will use animation as needed to help our audience visualize complex science and design concepts. Each episode of Science in Design will be introduced on location by our host (talent TBC) who then will smoothly transition into a narrator as we travel and explore regions of the renowned and the obscure worldwide and talk to world-renowned experts across multiple fields to find out why we see how we see, why we feel how we feel and how we can design a better world.


Mario Troncoso - Director & Executive Producer
Mario Troncoso is an Emmy® award-winning filmmaker and founder of The Documentary Society (Doculab). With over 18 years of extensive broadcasting and digital production experience, Mario has worked on projects across many formats ranging from advertising to documentaries and fiction. Most recently, he produced and directed six seasons of the award-winning documentary series Arts In Context (PBS).


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