: Documentary Short
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Production


An immigrant worker continues to dedicate his life to horses and the sport of polo. Year after year, Mobles’ spirit and work ethic strengthens and enlightens his community.


Polo, a realm often associated with opulence, prestige, and captivating grandeur, lies a hidden world—the unsung heroes who toil behind the scenes, caring for the very essence of the sport: the groomsmen. Enter the enigmatic figure known as Mobles, once known as Honorio Ramirez, a dedicated groomsman who tends to the equine athletes that grace the Polo arena. Among the ranks of many groomsmen who come and go with the seasons, Mobles remains a constant presence, unwavering in his commitment, staying at the polo club throughout the year.

One might assume that the relentless days of year-round work would wear down Mobles, leaving him weary and perhaps yearning for retirement or companionship during the offseason months. Yet, Mobles radiates a perspective on life, perceiving work, devotion, love, and existence through a lens of unfathomable beauty. 

The story unfolds as the filmmaker and Mobles cross paths, revealing the tapestry of Mobles' daily rituals—feeding, grooming, and riding the majestic horses. Through the lens of the camera, the film captures Mobles' interactions with his clients and the close-knit community that orbits around the sport of Polo. 

Over the course of four years, the film becomes a testament to the timeless spirit within Mobles, untouched by the passage of time. It showcases his unwavering pride in his craft, his resolute place within the Polo community, and his unquenchable thirst for the sheer beauty of life. 


In the midst of a world fraught with social disparities, a remarkable tale unfolded—a tale centered on a human existing and thriving within the intricate web of society's divisions. Yet, in our retelling, we aim to breathe life into this narrative by vividly painting the social and cultural backdrop, relying on captivating visuals rather than mere words.

As our film unfolds, it raises existential questions that pierce the soul: How is it that Mobles, with his unyielding passion for life and unwavering positivity in his role as a groom, remains oblivious to the strife that surrounds him? One cannot help but marvel at his capacity to embrace happiness despite the social implications that might brand him as a person of internal conflict. Mobles becomes a paradigm of a man who finds bliss, untouched by the tides of societal expectations.

Yet, beneath the surface of his unwavering contentment, conflicts simmer within Mobles—a philosophical battle, an intricate dance between his ego and his relationship with the divine. These elements add depth to his character, lending further intrigue to his captivating journey.

In this tale of humanity's resilience, we aim to captivate your senses and challenge your perceptions. Through visually stunning imagery and a profound exploration of the human spirit, we invite you to embark on an unforgettable cinematic experience—an experience that transcends the boundaries of social confinement and celebrates the indomitable power of happiness, against all odds.



Mia Kiera Sweeney - Director

Mia Sweeney is a recent graduate from University of California, Berkeley, with a bachelors in Art Practice. With an ever-growing interest in class, public policy, and documentary filmmaking; Mia focuses on capturing environments or people who inevitably influence modern-day society despite their subtle roles. Director, Mia Kiera Sweeney, is a Polo player of 6 years. Mobles has worked for her mother, then further in her polo career, Mia Kiera worked for Mobles. Spending routine days with him, developing a close friendship that allows many of the typical barriers in documentary to be diminished. The close friendship between the filmmaker and the subject is what allows this story to be told in an intimate and authentic way.

Ilias Kyriakidis - Producer

Ilias Kyriakidis graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a BA in Philosophy. He is currently a Producing Fellow at the AFI Conservatory. 


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