Amy Lee, The Last Princess Of The Korean Empire

: Documentary Feature
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Production


Amy Lee, the last princess of the Korean Empire, lives a solitary life in New York, and speaks about the lives of the final Korean Royal Family and real value of freedom.


The documentary "Amy Lee, The Last Princess of the Korean Empire" tells the remarkable story of Amy Lee, the granddaughter of Emperor Gojong, who faced numerous hardships and made courageous choices that shaped her life. Born into the royal family, Amy Lee was raised by Princess Ui Wang and experienced a childhood filled with royal protocol but devoid of genuine familial love. She endured the Japanese colonial era and the Korean War, witnessing the vilification of her family. After reuniting with her impoverished family, Amy Lee decided to leave Korea and started a new life in the United States as an undocumented alien. She faced arduous challenges, working various jobs to survive before settling in New York City. Her resilience led her to work as a librarian at Columbia University, where she discovered the true history of her family and reconciled with her past. The documentary delves into her emotional journey, highlighting her desire for a fresh start and her eventual rediscovery of her roots. The narrative culminates with her poignant visit to her parents' grave in Korea, symbolizing the pain of leaving the past behind, the search for identity, and the indomitable strength of hope and resilience. Ultimately, the film is a testament to the enduring power of the human spirit in overcoming adversity and the profound impact of history on shaping our lives.


Amy Lee, The Last Princess of the Korean Empire" takes a hybrid approach, combining dramatized short films with genuine interviews to immerse the audience in the remarkable life of Amy Lee. Through six carefully crafted short films, each around 10 minutes long, and present-day interviews, the documentary tells Amy Lee's story using both documentary and cinematic storytelling techniques. The dramatized scenes, featuring talented actors, vividly bring her memories and experiences to life, ensuring authenticity and providing a glimpse into her world. By seamlessly weaving these scenes with interviews, the documentary creates a cohesive narrative that spans different time periods. The visual elements of the film reflect the historical context, while original music composed specifically for the documentary enhances the emotional impact of the storytelling. With the involvement of a Broadway writer, the script ensures an engaging and compelling narrative that effectively captures the essence of Amy Lee's life. This artistic approach aims to create a unique and immersive viewing experience, allowing the audience to embark on an unforgettable journey into Amy Lee's extraordinary life.


Seoyeon Chloe Shin - Director and Writer

Seoyeon had been working as a TV Producer and Director in a Korean broadcasting station for 15 years, then moved to New York to study film in 2019. She is currently producing short films and documentaries based in South Korea and New York. She has been awarded Best Local TV shows and Best Children’s show for Dreamfield DoDoDo (2018) at the Korean Producer and Director awards and a Korean Broadcasting Award, as well as Bronze Remi Award for K Beauty Salon (2020) and a Silver Remi Award for Dramatic Short Film for The Best of Me (2022) at the WorldFest-Houston IFF.


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