: Narrative Feature
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Pre-Production


A Father's despair and anger lead to the ultimate crime.


JUSTICE is a drama feature film about a Black West Indian devoted husband and father, Reuben Lezama, who falls into a deep depression after the loss of his eighteen-year-old son, Justin Lezama, and becomes a vigilante just like the man who took his son's life. Reuben Lezama believes he must go on a revenge spree to avenge the killings of five young Black men (one being his son).


In the wake of the high-profile cases involving unarmed African American boys who officials and civilians murdered, I, as a mother and writer, felt compelled to write the feature film JUSTICE in 2012 to show the seriousness of the issues in the African American Community. Making a quality film that matters like JUSTICE with a positive message will bring more exposure and light to what is happening in our country and start an essential conversation that forces officials to stop sweeping America's dirt under the carpet. It will help continue the conversation that would promote change for the better in our country and globally. I am the best person to tell this story because of my passion and resilience to get this film made. As I mentioned, I wrote Justice in 2012, and I started casting in 2013, and in 2014, I did crowdfund that did not reach its funding goal at the time, and I realized that Justice had to be a feature film for its audience to resonate with the lead character. So, I went back and wrote it to be a feature film. I worked extremely hard on this film for 11 years and not for once thought about giving up; even when I became disappointed at false promises from investors that did not pan out or when COVID hit and investors backed out, I kept pushing, believing, and knowing without a doubt that somehow and someway I will get Justice fully funded, in production, wrapped, through post-production and distributed. It is my team's and my objective to make a quality film that will redirect the trajectory of a person's life for the greater good and, therefore, have an impact on generations to come to make conditions better not just here in our nation but will promote global change in the best interest of all.


Stacey Genève Travis - Director

Stacey Genève, of Caribbean descent, is a native of New York and has lived there most of her life, but she lived in Atlanta from 2014 to 2018 until she moved back to her hometown of New York.  

Stacey was a creative, inquisitive, happy kid.  Stacey has had a love for the cinema ever since she could remember. Growing up, Stacey enjoyed watching silent films with Buster Keaton and Chaplin, early talkies with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert, and later ones with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn. She loved and still does, from drama, gangster (like The Godfather), romantic comedy, and sci-fi to Alfred Hitchcock's thrillers.   
Stacey’s first love was acting, but when she saw movies like Jaws, Rocky, Champ, Kramer vs Kramer, and Raging Bull in the Theater. The Godfather, Lady Sings the Blues, and her favorite musicals, Westside Story and Carmen Jones, were on television, and Grease was in Theater; she was in awe and knew she wanted to work behind the camera, too. Stacey was intrigued and wanted to know everything about the director and writers. Stacey is very excited that she will make her directorial debut with the film Justice, which she wrote. 

Stacey Genève Travis - Screenwriter

Stacey believes it is her true purpose to write and it’s her goal to be an effective writer who will find a way to change someone’s life for the better through her words. Storytelling through screenwriting is something she enjoys so much; it’s her passion and desire. She enjoys the whole process, the mechanics of writing a script, creating characters giving them a profile, bringing each character to life with their own personality, quirks, likes, and dislikes, fears and concerns, passions and desires. Creating conflict, taking characters through emotional challenges, creating obstacles and having the characters triumph or not.

Stacey Genève Travis - Producer

Justice is the first film that Stacey Genève Travis will produce; however, she from the very beginning has been dedicated herself to this film ensuring that she had a marketable screenplay with a Unique Selling Proposition with her unique subject matter. Stacey has secured more than 50 percent of the locations in Atlanta, hired crew, casted most of the supportive roles and lead role, played by Julian Brittano. Stacey is organized and has well throughout and strategized production from logistics, props, set design to handling personalities. Stacey is committed to keeping the film on budget.

Daniel Troyer - Director of Photography

Daniel Troyer is a talented director of photography from North Carolina. He is passionate about classic cinematography and creating new worlds through visual media. He’s a strong leader, team focused, and loves to work with directors who want to push the boundaries.

Julian Brittano - Lead Actor

Julian Brittano (born June 7, 1978) from Newark, New Jersey, is an American Actor, Inspirational Artist, Song Writer, Film Producer, Author, and single parent. Julian is best known for landing an acting role in the television series Greenleaf on Oprah Winfrey Network TV (OWN). Julian plays the actor David as a bartender, co-starring with Oprah Winfrey in the show. His humble charismatic personality shows forth in this role, along with his sexy model image. Julian Brittano is determined and destined for greatness.

Alex Sanon - Supportive Actor

Meet Actor Alex Sanon who is a Television and Film Actor and a Model. He is playing the lead role of Detective Jackson. 

The first time he auditioned, he got his first supporting role to portray Rev. Ernest in the Feature Film "Running on Water" (2013). Since then, he has landed a few roles as Principal on "Deadly Affairs"- S3E8 in 2014 (ID Network), "Mercy Street" - S1E2 in 2016 (PBS), and as Lead on "Southern Fried Homicide" – S2E4 (ID Network), the short films "Chromatymia," "What Ben Said" – 2015.

Also, he has worked behind the scenes as Stand-In and Photo Double." He worked closely with some of the best actors in Hollywood like Ernie Hudson, Sterling K. Brown, the late Michael K. Williams, Isaiah Whitlock Jr., Mustafa Shakir, Isaac DeBankole, and more.

Alex has appeared in a few American TV shows like "House of Cards," "Deception," "The Enemy Within," "Mme. Secretary," and the French-Canadian Crime-thriller web series "Les Professionnels" - "The Professionals" in which he played two different characters (Twin Assassins).

Cody Cowell - Supportive Role

Meet Sag / Aftra Actor Cody Cowell who is playing the role in JUSTICE of Detective Flanagan. Cody likes to immerse himself and go deep into character and to challenge himself by going outside his comfort zone and to fully embody/embrace the traits physically, emotionally, energetically, and breathe life into the characters he lives, for the entire shoot.

Matthieu-Pierre - Supportive Actor

Meet Actor Matthieu Jean-Pierre who is playing the role of Justin. Matthieu is an actor who is passionate about his craft but is also a singer, and songwriter who just released his album “Southern Comfort.” Follow Matthieu @matthieu_jeanpierre

Donna Stokes - Judge Williams

Meet Actress Donna Stokes is playing the role of Judge Williams. She is a professionally trained actress who has worked in film television and theater. 

Emerson Buchholz - Supportive Actor

Meet Talented professionally trained NYC Actor Emerson A. Buchholz who is playing the role in JUSTICE of Captain Holmes. You can follow Emerson @emersonabuchholzactor

Miguel A. Collado - Supportive Actor

Meet Actor Miguel A. Collado who is a professionally trained actor, and a proud veteran of the arm forces, for which he served 7 years in the Navy. He is playing the role in JUSTICE of Police Officer Reyes.

Joe B. Morelli - Supportive Actor

Meet Actor Joseph B Morelli who is playing the role in JUSTICE of Detective Marino.

Brian VanGeem - Supportive Actor

Brian VanGeem, playing the role of Jeffery, is a professional actor, screenwriter, film director, and composer with over twenty-three years of experience producing short films, commercials, fashion shows, photo shoots, and creative content in the entertainment industry. 

Dymond - Supportive Actor

 Dymond Collins is playing the role of Josephine Perkins. Dymond is an actress and also a renowned children’s book Author.

Wihelmenia Ford - Supportive Actor

Wihelmenia Ford is playing the role in JUSTICE of Nurse Patty. She is known for The Grey Room Chronicles: I Am Sin (2015), Sleepwalkers (2014) and Steele N' Hope (2013). Wilhelmenia is high-spirited with a warm and welcoming personality. She worked as a nurse for many years but retired from nursing to fulfill her passion for acting full-time. Wilhelmenia is a professionally trained actress and has worked in both film and televisio

Jason Claspell - Supportive Actor

Jason Claspell is an Emmy nominated broadcaster who has traveled worldwide to report the news. Jason was the morning anchor for Good Morning Carolinas in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Jason is also very passionate about acting and plays the role of Peter Simon in Justice. We are so happy and honored to have him a part of the cast.

Caesar - Supportive Actor

Caesar, playing the role of Glenn Lezama.

Rocco Picciolo - POLICE OFFICER

Passionate Actor Rocco Picciolo, playing the role of POLICE OFFICER. 

Diego Valez - Supportive Actor

Meet up-and-coming Actor Diego A Velez who is playing the role of Deacon Ramirez. Diego is also a very talented Colombian painter who paints abstract, contemporary art. You can check out Diego's beautiful original works of art and follow him on Instagram @diegovalez1958.


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