Average Joe Goes Vegan

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GENRE: Documentary
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AVERAGE JOE GOES VEGAN is a food & lifestyle series taking viewers on a journey to discover the best plant-based food — from the POV of your Average Joe!


AVERAGE JOE GOES VEGAN is a 12x30min food and lifestyle PBS series that takes viewers on a journey to discover the best in plant-based food around the country — from the point of view of your Average Joe!


WHY THIS MATTERS: How do we make an impact with regards to food and the environment today – how do we encourage change? With the human population escalating, people’s reliance on animals for food is coming into question. What’s more, demand for vegan food has exploded: plant-based foods are on track to be worth $162 billion by 2030, up from $29.4 billion in 2020 — a fivefold increase in under a decade. In a world consumed by an addiction to meat & dairy, the best spokesperson is someone who comes from that state of mind. TV has the potential to compel change, if it's engaging & entertaining. There’s an old adage, “Preach the gospel. And when necessary, use words.” We have to show what’s doable for the average Joe if an impact is desired. In Top Gun: Maverick, the naysayers converted when the impossible was shown to be possible. That’s where AVERAGE JOE GOES VEGAN shines: by showing change is possible. PRODUCTION TEAM: AVERAGE JOE GOES VEGAN is an iniosante production. The series is a collaboration between Host Charlie Agar, Chef Chad Sarno, & Executive Producer Ashley Scott Davison. iniosante llc is a Texas Limited Liability Company formed in 2008 to provide content for emerging television marketplace demands & the delivery platform organizations need to connect with for this marketplace. The founder, Ashley Scott Davison, is a seasoned television industry professional who brings a diverse set of skills & experience in reaching both the end consumers as well as the advertisers/broadcasters who want to reach them. Chad Sarno is a world-renowned chef, entrepreneur, author, & educator. As the co-founder of food brands Wicked Kitchen & Good Catch Foods (along with his brother Derek) Chad is building a plant-based culinary empire that’s inspiring people to eat more plants. He’s the co-author of +10 books, including New York Times Best Seller, “Crazy Sexy Kitchen” & “The Wicked Healthy Cookbook.”


Ashley Scott Davison - Executive Producer
Ashley Scott Davison, director+producer+writer+editor is founder of the boutique production company, iniosante inc. With 20 years of international production experience specializing in wildlife documentaries and commercials, Ash utilizes innovative cinematography & and unorthodox editing to help alter how our planet perceives wildlife. Notable Director/Producer credits include NatGeo WILD’s "Walking With Giraffes,” the award-winning giraffe doc "Catching Giants” and is showrunner for Charlie Bee Company on PBS/EarthxTV.

Charlie Agar - Host
When he’s not chasing bees — on his wild TV show — environmentalist, Charlie Agar loves trying new food. He’s a fun, witty host who’s a blast at connecting with people. After a medical emergency, doctors suggested a change in his diet – so Charlie’s on a mission to test out this wacky lifestyle called, vegan. But it’s gonna take some crazy good food to convince this meat-eater to give up on Philly cheesesteaks! Mmmm, yeah.


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