Stormy Feathers

: Narrative Feature
GENRE: Comedy
STATUS: Pre-Production


Venus mandates a mission to save romance as a young man navigates grief. Will romance be restored? Prepare your wings, it's time to fly!


Paul lost the love of his life. Venus mandates a mission to save romance. An irreverent coterie of angels are dispatched to guide him through grief. Can you trust an angel to heal a human heart? In the world of Stormy Feathers, one can never be sure. Get ready to fly!


I discovered the loss of a friend I hadn't been in touch with for ages. I was surprised by the impact it had on me. A lovely spirit, I based the character Faune on my friend, who was a young star on Broadway and one of my first friends when I moved to Los Angeles.

I recalled a lot of nostalgic memories and needed an outlet for my sense of loss.

At the beginning of the pandemic, lockdown gave me the opportunity to enter my short film Halo in festivals. A romantic tale about angels reuniting a couple made it's way on the global circuit. I started to think about my romantic couple in Halo.  I wanted to progress the story to a feature length project as the short gathered recognition and awards.

Stormy Feathers gave me an opportunity to explore my own relationship with grief and create a film that I wished I had as a resource when I experienced losses of my own. It's a comedy with an underlying theme on how we stumble to find our way though loss. I think it's a story worth sharing with an audience trying to find their way through the process. I'm dedicated to bringing this vision to life.


Reva Zane - Writer/Director/Producer

Reva started her career as a singer/lyricist working in Los Angeles, New York and Paris before attending film school at UCLA. Her award winning short film "Halo" has screened at film festivals globally.  A native of Minneapolis, she was a member of IFP North and received post production grants for her documentary work.  An opportunity to work at Paisley Park, allowed her the privilege of becoming one of first artists to receive a production grant fromthe late recording artist Prince.  Stormy Feathers is her first feature film.

Tyler Duval - 1st AD

Tyler's has worked on seasons 2/3 of the Netflix series "You" and the FX series "The Old Man" He is looking forward to leading his team on Stormy Feathers and the locations set in Minneapolis.

Andrew Shankweiler - D.P.

After graduating from AFI, Andrew launched into the industry shooting narrative, documentary and commercial work.  A Philadelphia native based in L.A. his work has taken him to over 25 countries working on feature length and short form projects.

Dante Fumo - Sound Designer

Dante is a Minnesota based sound designer with a passion for supporting independent filmmakers.  He has worked on narrative, documentary and animated projects including the award winning shorts Kintsugi and Moon Melody.  In addition to film work, Dante writes about music, audio and composes immersive instrumental music.

Carrie Paul - Line Producer

A long time member of The Producers Guild, Carrie offers 25 years of experience to content programming.  She delivers  projects on time and on budget at an executive level.  Budget prep, staffing and cost management for all genres distributed by Netflix, Viacom and Scripps to name a few.  Carrie  produced over 500 episodes of network cable and streaming while based in L.A. before relocating to Minneapolis.

Rowan Polonski - Paul

Rowan's credits include Doctor Who, Custom, Kingsman:The Secret Service, Father Brown and Good Omens. His latest feature role in Triumph of the Heart was shot in Poland in 2024, exploring the lives and trials of Auchwitz prisoners in WW2.

His theatre credits include work with The Royal Shakepeare Company and on the West End.  His most recent lead was in John Logan's Double Feature directed by Jonathan Kent.


Emily Bennett - Faune

Emily is a U.K. based actor with international modeling experience in South Korea.  She is also a singer and a writer.

Peter Seaton-Clark - Stanislav

Peter was trained in repertory theatre in the U.K. and has worked extensively as an actor, writer, producer and voice artist.  

His most recent appearance was on Coronation Street, the longest running soap opera internationally.  His next upcoming role will be in Concordia produced by Frank Doelger (GOT).

Tarik Badwan - Jibril

Tarik is a London based actor, musician and stand up comedian.  His Credits include The Great. 

Oxa Hazel - Mrs. T.

Oxa is a London based actor.  Her film credits include Dune Part Two, Saving Art, Echelon, See you in the Dark and Black Money.

Tedroy Newell - Oscar, the guardian

An actor with grit, presence and charm.  Tedroy has appeared in Bridgerton and Dune Part Two.

Lauren Anderson Oakley - Dahlia

An Arts and Educational Schools London graduate, Lauren has worked across Europe and the British theatre. From the West End to Germany, she has performed from a substantial repertoire on stage.  She is currently filming a Saudi drama in the UAE for MBC and continues to split her time between London and Dubai.

Lucy Hallett-Jones - Lily

From stage to screen, Lucy's most recent credits include Cinderella (The Majestic Theatre) and Maid Marion (On Tour). A recent graduate from Bath School of Music and Performing Arts, she will make her feature film debut in Stormy Feathers.

David Michaeli - Gabe

David is a Minneapolis based actor and musician who trained at The Gaeity School of Acting in Dublin. He has appeared in national commercials and recently made his feature film debut in Sins of the Father ( Amazon Prime).

Justin Lerbakken - Location Scout

Justin has worked on shows for Netflix, Hulu anf The History Channel.  

Bryan Mittelstadt - David


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