The Veto

: Documentary Short
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Development


A film about the permanent member veto in the UN Security Council – arguably the most important issue facing global peace and security.


Since the formation of the United Nations, the veto of the P5 (China, France, Russia, the UK and the USA) has been used to protect national interests. Its problematic nature has moved in and out of focus, but in the new millennium, and markedly since the invasion of Ukraine in 2022, the dangerous use of the veto in situations of grave violations of international law has become publicly visible. Inaction in the Security Council due to the veto has preceded massive loss of lives. Now is the time to focus awareness and push for remedies.


Voices of those who have been impacted by destructive uses of the veto will be heard along with expert voices, from the diplomatic/political and military spheres, and civilians. They will be diverse, and come from the P5 nations as well as others. Archival elements will vividly illustrate the real world implications of the issue. There will be a compelling use of music, not to ‘overdramatize’ but to support and give focus to the film. Holding the structure will be a voice providing brief moments of narration, where necessary.

Given the nature of the material, the film has specific aims, and will have a public facing version, and a UN facing version. Raising awareness in a global general public is vital, both in the P5 nations and the member states of the General Assembly. There could be a direct call to action for citizens to send communication on the issue to relevant representatives.

Viewing by the General Assembly and the Secretary General can be facilitated by our network. It’s important for focused discussion to occur within the GA and by the SG, as well as within the SC itself. The veto cannot be removed, but if the film’s aims can help limit veto use, countless lives can be protected, and a more stable global balance of power can be achieved.


Derek Wiesehahn - DP
Derek is New York based, with over 25 years of experience in film and television. Credits include three Sundance 2016 feature documentaries, God Loves Uganda (Sundance 2013, Academy Awards shortlist), the 2010 Academy Award winning documentary short Music By Prudence, and the 2013 Academy Award nominated documentary feature How To Survive A Plague, as well as a camera operating credit on the 2011 Sundance winner and Academy Award nominated documentary feature Restrepo.


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