: Fiction
GENRE: Horror
STATUS: Pre-Production


Three teenage friends run away from their problems only to find much bigger ones when they must devise a plan to escape a sinister curse holding them inside a haunted house!


Three best friends make a brash decision to run away from their problems only to find themselves trapped inside a haunted house. Through a night of turmoil and triumph for the teens (and their parents alike) they learn a lot about themselves, each other, the families they were so quick to leave behind& and a house full of ghosts with some problems of their own!


Trapped is feature film project headed by Producers Keith Romine and Berdella Endress. What began as an idea by Keith Romine to create a family friendly short horror film for his young acting students in classes he teaches at his local YMCA and community college has taken on a life of its own; this story begs to be told, and has since evolved into a full length feature narrative, screenplay written by Berdella Endress, Keith Romine and Kelsey Zukowski, with a cast including more than 30 talented young actors from across Northern IL, Southern WI and Eastern IA. Trapped is an engaging story about a diverse set of characters who work together to overcome insurmountable obstacles; a story of self-discovery, friendship, family, sacrifice, acceptance of differences and overcoming adversity. These captivating characters will reach out to their audience with subject matter that is relevant and vital not only to children and families but everyone in the world today. Their story will be enhanced with elements of drama, humor, horror and action as well as visually stunning cinematography incorporating artistic elements with dynamic movement to convey our characters feelings and emotions. Trapped will be a thought provoking, inspirational, visually stunning film that will live on in the hearts and minds of our cast, crew and audience.


Keith Romine - Writer, Director, Producer

Keith Romine grew up in Belvidere, IL with a love for film - and sports.  His passion for film was born in awe of the movies he saw on the big screen at the local drive in with his family - his love of sports was inspired by his grandfather who had played minor league baseball.  Building on his early love of film, Keith went on to complete a BA in Film from University of Nevada Las Vegas and graduate coursework from Savannah College of Art and Design where he had the opportunity to study under some of film and televisions greats including multiple Academy Award nominees.  Keith is now a Producer, Director, Writer, Actor, and Teacher having produced more than 22 short and feature length films including many festival selections and award winners.  Grateful for having had the influence of a close-knit family and his own teachers, Keith makes time to inspire young actors and aspiring filmmakers by teaching classes at his hometown’s YMCA and nearby Community Colleges.  It was this desire to inspire young actors that led to the development of his latest feature film project Trapped.  Currently in pre-production, Trapped has a cast including more than 30 talented young actors from across the Midwest.

Berdella Endress - Writer, Producer

Berdella Endress grew up on a small WI farm helping to care for and train the family’s horses.  Competing in horse shows she won many titles and championships most notably representing WI at the All American Quarter Horse Congress National Youth Activity Team Tournament.  She went on to complete a BS in Biology at University of WI Whitewater and later completed certification as a Radiographer.  She has subsequently worked as a health physicist and hospital radiographer in Northern Illinois where she currently resides.  Berdella began her film career as an extra on the set of a local independent film.  Always having had a passion for the arts, she was immediately hooked.  Berdella has since immersed herself, delving into all facets of film production including: Acting, Writing, Directing, Producing, Cinematography, Editing, Sound Design and Special Effects.  She feels as an Independent Filmmaker it is of special importance to be familiar with all aspects of production.  Berdella is currently focused on Producing feature film Trapped, currently in pre-production, for which she is also a contributing Writer.  Trapped is a family friendly horror film with a cast including more than 30 child actors from across the Midwest.  


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