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: Documentary Feature
GENRE: Documentary
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A documentary searching for Alice Guy-Blaché, who at 23 was the first female director, became a powerful figure in film, then vanished.


Do you know the name of the first female film director? If you do, great! Spread the word! If you don’t, you are not the only one.

Alice Guy-Blaché made one of the first narrative films in history. At age 23. The year was 1896. She was at the Lumière Brothers’ screening in March of 1895 and thought that one might do something better. Alice became a head of production of Gaumont studio right at the start in 1897 at the time women couldn’t vote. Gaumont still exists today, making film like “The Fifth Element” and “The Intouchables”. Alice built her own studio in Fort Lee, NJ in 1912, one of the most prominent pre-Hollywood ones.

She wrote, directed, or produced more than a 1,000 films telling great stories.

With Alice as our guide, we’ll take you back to the past, stand next to her and look into her future – our present.



Alice Guy-Blaché's story is unique and fascinating. It is also telling of the history of cinema’s first decades. Still, you may ask, "What makes this documentary so special?” The answer is in our approach. Everything from the way we've done the research to the way we will recreate Alice Guy-Blaché's world graphically, using VFX (3D modeling, compositing, and animation), to the manner in which we will edit the film, is designed to put ourselves and you in Alice Guy-Blaché's shoes.


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