God on the Street

: Documentary Feature
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Completed


Fresh from a devastating breakup and seeking purpose, a woman travels across the country asking strangers to describe their idea of God. What she doesn’t realize is that she’s really asking a much more vulnerable question: why can’t she feel loved?


After a car crash on the way home from an ex’s house upends her world, filmmaker Lisa Jan Fogel realizes a hard truth: she’s addicted to unrequited love relationships, unable to solve the problem herself, and utterly lost. With nothing to lose, she hits the road, asking people across the country to describe how they experience God in their everyday lives. She meets a diverse cast of characters, including a physicist, self-proclaimed angel, strident atheist, and Vietnam veteran. These strangers become her spiritual guides. And when their stories start to intertwine, she is lead to a whole new set of questions about faith—in oneself, in others, and in love.









Lisa Jan Fogel - Director, Producer, Cinematographer

Brooklyn-born first-time filmmaker L.J. marries directing and producing experience with a 15-year career in multi-platform content creation. She enjoys the challenge of real-world situations, the intimacy that can take place between strangers, and the adventure of not knowing what the outcome will be. L.J. naturally elicits vulnerability and genuine conversation in her interviews, engaging participants from all walks of life with humor and grace. She is surprised to be a long-time resident of Los Angeles, where she insists on traveling by foot. The goal of all of her work is to generate compassion.

Marinna Guzy - Editor, Co-Producer

Marinna is a writer, editor and sound artist. She has produced video for the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, Focal Press, and the Nature Conservancy. She was a 2017 Sundance screenwriting finalist for her script Beneath the Steeple. Marinna has taught sound design collaboration at her alma mater Savannah College of Art and Design. Works at the Intersection of art and ecology She is a published poet and expert cat photographer.

Colin Lechner - Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer

Colin has over a decade of experience in audio design across a range of genres. Most recently, he was sound supervisor and re-recording mixer on David Lynch-executive produced feature The Other Me and sound editor of documentary Rebel Hearts, which will premiere in the 2021 Sundance US documentary competition. He was sound supervisor and re-recording mixer on documentary Dave Grusin: Not Enough Time.  He has also worked on the action-adventure feature Fantasy Island, short thriller Panda and the environmental documentary Nutria: The Other White Meat. Colin is also a talented sound artist and mandolin performer who grew up touring the U.S. in a bluegrass band with his siblings.

Miriam Mayer - Composer

An experienced and versatile composer, Miriam Mayer assisted 5-time Oscar-winner John Williams on many of his classic scores including Saving Private Ryan, Star Wars The Phantom Menace, and Catch me if You Can. Her violin and viola grace several hundred film scores, including Oscar-winner Michael Giacchino’s scores to Ratatouille and Up, and the award-winning feature documentary Knots, about child marriage. Miriam is the winner of Best Music Score at the Overcome Film Festival and Best Music at the Indie Horror Festival. Her compositions are often heard on television shows including This is Us, Chelsea, Halt and Catch Fire, and Rupaul’s Drag Race. She is a voting member of the EMMYS Television Academy. Miriam is a native of Los Angeles and is currently the worst surfer on Malibu beach.


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