: Narrative Feature
GENRE: Comedy
STATUS: In Distribution


How many wrongs make everything right?


Breakups happen.  Boy meets girl.  Boy likes girl. Girl likes boy.  Boy and girl decide to sleep with 3 other people first to avoid the rebound relationship.


How can starting something new be so terrifying and exciting at the same time?

For years, I watched my girlfriends navigate the ever changing landscape of dating in New York. How long do you wait to text someone after a date? Should I go out with someone from Tinder? If I do, is it just a fling? What if I slept with him on the second date, is it doomed? We really hit it off, but he’s JUST out of a relationship...and they were engaged! Ahhh, I was ghosted !!!!

As a newly married woman, I didn’t envy them in the least.‘Oh God! It’s not that complicated, girls,’ I thought, punctuated by a small laugh, I’m sure.

Fast forward a year later, I found myself sobbing alone, on the floor of my parent’s family room, watching my then-husband leave me for someone else.

There I was, thrust back into the dating scene, whether I liked it or not--gulp. Actually, it was a double gulp.

Thre3bound is a story about playing by your own rules, when life deals you an unexpected hand. The world of new singledom, whether you’re 18 or 88, is about an innocent wonder, coupled with sheer panic and the certainty that you have NO idea what you’re doing.

When good girl Sarah Barnes crosses paths with laid back Matt Cahill, not only do sparks fly, but the ‘rebounds never work rule’ rears its ugly head. Is timing really everything? I love the strong, adventurous spirits of Sarah and Matt. Not only are they brave to challenge well established laws of dating, but also to be open to new possibilities, serendipitous discoveries, all while knowing they don’t have all of the answers.

Thre3bound is a New York story. The energy and movement of the film, mirror that of the city. New Yorkers play by their own rules, have their own pace, cross the streets when and where they feel like it; God, even the subway plays by its own rules. The magic of New York, though, are the relationships. You can go to a random bar on any given night and meet your new best friend, cross paths with your favorite, former colleague or even meet your new ‘person.’ The potential that exists in New York is stunning.

I’m beyond energized by the potential of this film, our team and what’s in store for Thre3bound.

Yup, terrified AND very, very excited.


Kate Forsatz - Director, Writer, Producer

Credits: Ceremony For This Time, 2015 (Documentary) producer; The Meeting, 2014 (short), writer/producer; A Leg Up, 2013 (short) writer/producer
Training: BA English, (with honors), William Paterson University;Graduate, 2 Year Meisner Program, Maggie Flanigan Conservatory
Honors/Awards: Nominated, Best Actress, 2010 Hoboken Film Festival, The Camera’s Eye; Won, Best Comedic Short 2013 Atlantic City Cinefest, A Leg Up; Finalist, Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series, (script) Borrowed Time

Daryl Ferrara - Director, Producer

Credits: Ceremony For This Time, 2015 (Documentary) director/producer;The Meeting, 2014 (short), producer; A Leg Up, 2013 (short) producer; Trapped Inside, 2013 (short) director; Glimpse, 2012 (Short) director/writer
Training: Studied Communications (Public Relations) at Montclair State University (with honors), Filmmaking Minor
Honors/Awards: Won, Best Comedic Short 2013 Atlantic City Cinefest, A Leg Up; Finalist, Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series, (script) Borrowed Time


Emily Chalmers - Costume Designer

Credits: Bait or Trapped by the Truth, 2015, (Short), Set Costumer; Tommy Battles a Silver Sea Dragon,
2015 Assistant Costume Designer; Michael Feinstein at the Rainbow Room, 2014 (TV Movie) Assistant Stylist; Gotham 2014 (TV) Costume PA; Seasons of Love, 2014 (TV Movie) Costume PA
Training: MFA Carnegie Mellon University, Costume Design; University of Kent, BA Theatre

Jennifer Snowdon - Head Make Up Department

Credits: No Pay Nudity, 2015, Make Up Department Head; A Wake Up Call, 2013 (short), Key Makeup Artist, The Colbert Report, 2013 (TV) Makeup Artist; Pandora’s Box, 2012, (short) Key Makeup Artist; Gun Hill Road, 2011, Makeup Department Head; Beautiful Kid, 2003, Key Makeup Artist
Training: Berger Institute of Production Technology

Meredith Veach - Editor, Producer

Credits:  Organic Matter, Producer; The Rundown, Post Prod. Supervisor; Gone Into the Clearing, Producer, Writer, Director  Training:  Trinity College, BA; SVA, MFA  Honors/Awards: SVA Film Fest Finalist, Screencraft Short Screenplay Contest Semi Finalist, 2015; Gone Into the Clearing, Winner Best Director, Best Editor Smoky Mountain Film Festival 2017.

 Classically trained pianist and flutist

James David Redding III - Post Production Sound Editor

Credits: The Americans. Borgia. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. 30 Rock Training: BS. Communications TV /Radio:
Audio Concentration. Ithaca College
Union / Affiliations: MPEG local 700, Member of the Acadmey of Television Arts & Sciences


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UPDATE - June 26, 2017

Thre3bound has officially moved into Post Production.  

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