Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps

: Transmedia Narrative
GENRE: Experimental
STATUS: Post-Production


Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps is a filmed interpretation of Scott Turner Schofield’s transgender performance piece embodying the experience of becoming a man.


In a media landscape focused on transgender women and mired in tropes about transition and turmoil, this “greatest hits” collection from 127 uplifting, vulnerable and relatable shorts offer deep, playful insight— 20 years in the telling—from an award-winning trans masculine artist.  


The 127 Steps record a lifetime from a trans perspective: a childhood believing in the identity that came true; a gender transition as a period of time whose drama is felt, but which recedes in the fullness of time; the pains and also joys of a #RealLiveTransAdult navigating the world. The epic collection centers a trans perspective—before, during, and 20 years after social and medical transition—forming a collection with unrivaled depth and focus.


Scott Turner Schofield - Writer/Performer

Named a “Trans Influencer of Hollywood” by OUT Magazine, Scott Turner Schofield is an award-winning writer and producer, creating groundbreaking transgender content on and off-camera. He is the first out trans man to be nominated for an acting Emmy. 

The first transgender actor in daytime tv, on CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful, Scott has garnered international critical acclaim for his roles in Studio City (Amazon Prime), and the 2018 feature The Conductor.

Working as a trans consultant in TV and film, the role he helped create on HBO’s EUPHORIA has been called “TV’s most interesting trans character” (Daily Beast) and “The future of TV” (Marie Claire).

Schofield has also been honored with a "Fruitie" for Best Off-Broadway Performance, a Princess Grace Foundation Acting Fellowship, 2 Lambda Literary Award finalist designations, 2 Indie Series Award nominations, and a National Performance Network Creation Fund commission.

Andrea James - Director

Andrea is a writer, director, producer, and transgender activist. While writing ads for ten years at top Chicago agencies, she authored, a how-to guide for transgender people.

In 2003, she co-founded Deep Stealth Productions, creating numerous instructional videos. She produced and appeared in first all-transgender performance of "The Vagina Monologues," featured in the documentary Beautiful Daughters. Andrea consulted with Felicity Huffman and is in the opening shot of the film Transamerica. Andrea produced and appeared in Transamerican Love Story, and she has served on the Boards of Directors for TransYouth Family Allies and Outfest.

She wrote and directed Family Restaurant, a children’s film for preschoolers with gay and lesbian parents. Andrea directed the Showtime special Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy, a concert film about gay adoption that premiered on Showtime. She’s also helped produce the FUSE docu-series Transcendent, following the personal and professional relationships of a group of trans women of color, and Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric for National Geographic.


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