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: Documentary
GENRE: Documentary
STATUS: Production


The inspiring story of sculptor Michael Naranjo. As a young man Naranjo lost his eyesight in the Vietnam War, but not his vision. He fought past critics and a disability to achieve his lifelong dream of becoming a sculptor.


Native American sculptor Michael Naranjo shares the story of his life. Known as the artist who “sees with his hands,” Naranjo lost his eyesight following a grenade blast in the Vietnam War. On a journey of highs and lows, viewers uncover the challenges Naranjo fought past to succeed in his dream of becoming an artist. Alongside his wife Laurie, the pair demonstrates that love and determination conquer all. They remind viewers of the importance of dreaming and achieving life’s goals regardless of the circumstances or challenges.


Creating a film about my dad - Michael Naranjo -  has been my lifelong passion. I can trace the dream as far back as early childhood. Film crews and reporters frequently visited our family’s home in New Mexico to meet my parents and learn about my dad’s remarkable journey as an artist. These visitors inspired me to pursue a career in journalism. However, as my career unfolded, so did a very persistent idea - I knew it was my destiny to share my father’s story with a larger audience. That’s because I have witnessed the way his courage inspires people. Whether he's speaking to a group of veterans or students, his words often seem to offer hope to those willing to listen. It seems that now, more than ever, humanity needs more sources of inspiration. I have spent the bulk of my career acquiring the skills, knowledge and guts to set out on this journey and I’d like to get started right away – my dad is currently creating some of his best work and the sands of time often nag at the back of my mind. When complete, I’d like to share this film with Veteran’s groups, students, the institutes that display my father’s pieces and with various media outlets. In the end, I know this film will capture the hearts of multi-generational audiences of all abilities - it will speak to anyone with a dream.


Jenna Winters - Director/Producer

Jenna Winters is grateful she found success as a television producer, creating pieces for networks like Fox, E!, Lifetime, Oxygen and Reelz. She spent the early years of her career working as a reporter for “The Santa Fe New Mexican” and news affiliates of ABC, NBC and CBS. Jenna earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of New Mexico and a Master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University. While spending the bulk of her career at the longtime Fox hit series, “America’s Most Wanted,” Jenna learned how to take even the most gut-wrenching story and turn it into an emotional story about a human, instead of a story about a crime. For that, she earned a reputation in the industry for creating pieces that go straight to the heart. Winters knew she wanted to be a journalist from a young age when she’d spy on the camera crews that visited her home on a regular basis to interview her father – sculptor Michael Naranjo. It has been her life-long dream to take a turn telling her mother and father’s story. She feels there is no one on Earth better equipped to give a unique and deep perspective to this story.

Bill Stengel - Director of Photography

Bill Stengel grew up in the wilds of the suburbs outside New York City. When he was 12, his dad gave him a Canon AE-1 to keep him occupied while the two worked on the Finback, a whale watch boat out of Montauk. Long days, often 100 miles offshore in search of whales, Bill explored the Finback with the camera in hand. He has a B.F.A. in photography from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. The latest incarnation of his career has him working as a DP/Director on commercial motion projects ranging from corporate bank testimonials to making content for Land Rover to following fishermen throughout Northern Nevada for Outside Magazine. See Bill's work at billstengel.com

Seth Fuller - Director of Photography

Being a native New Mexican, Seth Fuller has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Cinematography and Film/Video Production from Santa Fe University of Art and design where he was mentored by Sundance winning filmmakers, Chris Eyre and Hank Rogerson. Seth is also a cinematographer which results in a directing style that puts a lot of emphasis on how characters and scenarios are visually represented and the emotional weight which that communicates. Exploring a vast array of visual skill sets, Seth has found his passion as a director where the compositing of the image, sound, and thematic subtext have the power to create a conscious and emotional response within the viewer. See Seth's work at arrowparis.com

Laurie Naranjo - Director of Marketing and Publicity

Laurie Naranjo has built her career managing the artwork and studio of Michael Naranjo. Over her tenure, she has become an arts administrator in her own right. She has curated touchable art shows in museums and universities across the globe and has partnered with organizations, schools, media outlets and charitable groups, all in the name of art. Laurie has also made it her own mission to ensure that Michael’s work is recognized beyond their lifetime. Her hope and passion is ensuring that art is accessible and enjoyed by everyone. Laurie has authored and published, “Inner Vision: The Sculpture of Michael Naranjo,” a book compiling 40 years of Michael’s work in bronze.


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