Kids Go Free to Fun Fun Time

: Narrative Feature
GENRE: Drama
STATUS: Pre-Production


After traveling the world together for over a decade, an American ex-pat couple's latest adventure takes a sudden turn that jeopardizes the future they had imagined together.


Graham and Dee are an ex-pat couple who struggle to evolve together as they get older but also can't imagine life apart. As they go from their 20s to 30s while moving from country to country, their jobs, homes, and friends all change but the one constant in their lives is each other. 

While visiting their families and friends in the USA, the couple feels more foreign than ever before and escape by going on a trip that suddenly jeopardizes the future they had imagined together.


Based on personal experiences, this film, 15 years in the making, aims to provide an authentic view of a relationship's often-overlooked middle part. It explores the opportunities of choosing a life of adventure and experiences over societal expectations and the challenges of evolving together in a world with seemingly infinite options.


Ben Hicks - Writer/Director/Actor

Ben Hicks is a writer/director/actor who has been supported by the IFP Narrative Lab and the US & French Connection. After working in the film industry and making two award-winning short films, Ben felt his life experiences limited him as a writer, so he decided to move abroad. His experiences living in Japan, Taiwan, and Germany gave him new perspectives that helped shape him and his feature film debut, Kids Go Free to Fun Fun Time.

Ben has a BA in film/video and is a Chicago Film Union member.

Liz Cardenas - Producer

Liz Cardenas is a two-time Film Independent Spirit Award nominee who won the Spirit Award in 2022 and was included on the 2019 LATINXT, a list of emerging Latinx creators from an initiative by Zoe Saldana, Robert Rodriguez, and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Notable producing credits include 7 Days (Tribeca ’21 I Cinedigm I Spirit Award Winner ’22); Never Goin' Back (Sundance '18 I A24 I Spirit Award Nominee ’19); A Ghost Story (Sundance '17 I A24); and Materna (Tribeca '20 I Utopia).


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IFP Narrative Lab 2017
US & French Connection 2018


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