Featured Projects

Genre: Horror

An obsessively tidy man battles the ghost who inhabits his new apartment for control of their shared home… and how it will be decorated.  +

The Slabs
Genre: Drama

Two homeless brothers brave the summer heat in their newfound home of Slab City and confront their painful past.  +

El Sistema USA
Genre: Documentary

El Sistema USA is a feature documentary that is tracking a handful of kids in a diverse, impoverished community in West Philadelphia as they participate in Play On, Philly, a classical  +

Genre: Documentary

Immerse is an online magazine designed to spark creative discussion of emerging nonfiction storytelling and dedicated to creating a more inculsive media landscape.  +

Ayahuasca Diaries
Genre: Documentary

Ayahuasca Diaries, made with Amazonian tribes and contemporary scientists, is a film about an elixir transforming personal lives and world culture.  +

The Animated Mind of Oliver Sacks
Genre: Documentary

The Animated Mind of Oliver Sacks is a journey into the mind and work of world-renowned neurologist and author Dr. Oliver Sacks, one of the most fascinating figures and  +

White Tears
Genre: Drama

An emotionally distraught woman helps out a stranger who may not be the victim she first appeared to be. WHEN GOOD DEEDS GO DEAD WRONG  +

Hampas Dugo
Genre: Documentary

Ruben Enaje, a man locally well-known for his portrayals of Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion, reflects on the twilight of his 30-year long ritual, while facing a shifting spiritual  +

Summer with Roxanne
Genre: Documentary

A visiting Indian documentary filmmaker rents a room in the home of an aging paragon of Weird Austin. As Roxanne packs up to move on, she and Nishtha unpack the elements  +

Genre: Documentary

A two part film about the legacy of the Holocaust in the Balkans as seen through the eyes of a group of Sephardic Jews from New York with roots in Bulgaria and Greece.Part  +

Genre: Documentary

A documentary profiling John Payne, who created interactive works of lasting impact, transformed his town into an artist’s haven that now faces a complicated future.  +

Black Privilege. White Power.
Genre: Drama

After graduating high school, a young Smith College student joins up with an activist group to fight for civil rights in the Jim Crow era South and ends up taking part in one of  +

Ain't It Though
Genre: Drama

When their estranged mother sends them a box of seven cassette tapes, a young drag creator living in NYC sets out on a journey to their long-lost childhood home in the desert wilds  +

Baltimore 100 Years
Genre: Documentary

The transformation of urban America over the last century reveals hard truths, and reasons for hope, through stories from the often misunderstood city of Baltimore.  +

Genre: Documentary

The untold story of Anna Rosenberg, advisor to four presidents, who fought mid-century sexism, racism, and extremism to help shape modern America.  +

Obsessed with Light:The Genius of Loie Fuller
Genre: Documentary

How could one woman inspire the greatest thinkers and artists of her day such as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Auguste Rodin and, more than a century later, influence  +

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