Featured Projects

Make Me Famous
Genre: Documentary

An investigation of Edward Brezinski, an ambitious, charismatic Lower East Side painter hell-bent on sucess, who thwarted his own career with antics that roiled NYC’s art  +

T-Fred: The Last Frog Hunter
Genre: Documentary

A real-life Boyhood meets Beasts of the Southern Wild. 14 years in the making.  +

Ayahuasca Diaries
Genre: Documentary

Ayahuasca Diaries, made with Amazonian tribes and contemporary scientists, is a film about an elixir transforming personal lives and world culture.  +

Woman in the Mirror
Genre: Documentary

A graduate of the prestigious Vaganova Academy and a driven ballerina of Jewish descent, who defected from the Soviet Union, toes her way from being a principal dancer of the Boston  +

Genre: Drama

Two unlikely childhood friends navigate their increasingly fragile and uncertain world as rumours of war and deportation loom over their lives and relationship.  +

Radical Generosity
Genre: Documentary

Radical Generosity chronicles the timeless endeavor to subvert the status quo. In a politically-charged climate more divisive than ever, Sharon Richardson and April Tam  +

Genre: Comedy

Intimates follows Roberta as she returns home to steal her high school girlfriend back from her brother.  +

Genre: Drama

A young couple‚Äôs proposal goes horribly wrong when an altercation stirs up a deep-seated societal divide on an island off the coast of Istanbul, TURKEY.  +

There are Still Wizards
Genre: Documentary

In a world where conservation seems to be a loosing battle, sometimes it is important to look at how far we have come. This is the story of a lifetime of adventures that culminated  +

Hawaiian Soul
Genre: Drama

Against the backdrop of the 1970s native rights movement, a young Hawaiian activist must gain the support of an agitated and skeptical group of community elders to aid in  +

Nam June Paik & TV Lab: License to Create
Genre: Documentary

Video art becomes a world-wide phenomenon, portable video documentaries change broadcast television, experimental drama and diverse, ethnic voices influence new generations though  +

All the World's a Stage: Shakespeare and the Invention of Modern Theater
Genre: Documentary

In 1577 London, a new theater, “The Curtain” opens, where a brilliant writer and his literary circle of gay and bisexual playwrights invent modern theater.  +

Genre: Drama

A rural rancher and his ailing husband, struggling against poverty and isolation, make a heartbreaking decision in order to preserve the dignity of their marriage.  +

Obsessed with Light:The Genius of Loie Fuller
Genre: Documentary

How could one woman inspire the greatest thinkers and artists of her day such as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Auguste Rodin and, more than a century later, influence  +

The Dream of the Audience: Theresa Hak Kyung Cha
Genre: Documentary

The film is an intimate remembrance of the groundbreaking artist, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, who through her art practice guides her audience to a state beyond sorrow.   +

Drop Dead City
Genre: Documentary

NYC, 1975 - the greatest, grittiest city in the world is minutes away from bankruptcy when an unlikely alliance of rookies, rivals, fixers and flexers finds common ground,  +

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