Kids, Life & Rock 'n' Roll
Genre: Documentary

A coming-of-age documentary about two kids forming a band in the middle of a pandemic.  +

Genre: Drama

Buried, a hybrid narrative and experimental film, explores the physical and surreal surrounding work burnout, stress and rage.  +

Genre: Documentary

THE JANES is the story of an underground network of women in Chicago in the late 60s and early 70s who provided safe, affordable, illegal abortions to women in need.  +

Dreaming Walls
Genre: Documentary

A film about iconic Chelsea Hotel as it undergoes renovations to become a luxury hotel, exploring its Bohemian roots through the last remaining 51 residents.  +

Two Neighbors
Genre: Drama

A satire based on Aesop’s fable “Avaricious & Envious”, TWO NEIGHBORS tells the story of two women whose mutual spite results in their mutual destruction.  +

Every Other Kid
Genre: Student Film

Three troubled students seek relief from the stresses of adolescence. Each taking a different path, the end result is devastating for all.  +

Scotty's Vag
Genre: Drama

A coming-of-age film about a college freshman who goes outside her comfort zone to impress the older girl she wants as her sorority “big”.  +

Fracking the System: Colorado's Oil and Gas Wars
Genre: Documentary

A concerned mother joins grassroots activists to protect her son’s school from oil and gas drilling but the oil and gas industry fights back.  +

Genre: Documentary

Tonie Willis, formerly incarcerated, is on a mission to get a bill passed in Pennsylvania supporting the humane release of terminally ill incarcerated women. It’s a difficult and emotional  +

Shooting Blind
Genre: Documentary

Shooting Blind tells the story of a military sharpshooter who must reimagine his identity when diagnosed with a genetic retina disease that causes blindness.  +

Saund vs Cochran
Genre: Documentary

A dramatic and groundbreaking congressional campaign in 1956 that electrified California and sparked local debate and national conversations about race, gender, celebrity,  +

Genre: Science Fiction

A young physicist must navigate working at a teleportation tech startup, as well as survive the mysterious being from another world she has brought into our own.  +

The Underground
Genre: Drama

A group of enslaved individuals in Civil War-era Kentucky must decide whether to take bold action for a chance at freedom.  +

All the Frequent Troubles of Our Days
Genre: Documentary

An untold true story of courage and resistance - and the quest to uncover the buried heroism of the only American woman executed by Hitler.  +

Super Meditate Me
Genre: Documentary

Can meditation change the world? A skeptic sets out to test the ancient idea that the practice can lead to a radical transformation of consciousness.  +

Ain't It Though
Genre: Drama

When their estranged mother sends them a box of seven cassette tapes, a young drag creator living in NYC sets out on a journey to their long-lost childhood home in the desert wilds  +

Brought to Life: A Documentary about Colour Revolt
Genre: Documentary

A documentary examining Colour Revolt, indie rock’s best-kept secret, and the process of building a life from dreams that don’t go as planned.  +

Kid C
Genre: Drama

When Lee destroys the only friendship she has outside of her volatile family, she must find a new way to escape.  +

Faces of Genocide
Genre: Documentary

They suffered starvation and deprivation. They lived in fear of being murdered. They endured the deaths of their children. They are the Faces of Genocide.  +

Testing: Hunter & McCall
Genre: Documentary

1  +

Digital Tsunami: Big Tech, Big Brother and the Prophetic Warnings of Marshall McLuhan
Genre: Documentary

This documentary will examine how toxic elements of our digital environment are dramatically transforming society in negative ways -- just as the prophetic, popular futurist Marshall  +

News of Doom
Genre: Documentary

This documentary-drama hybrid film examines how America's commercial news industry is exploiting our fears and pushing the nation's mental health to collapse.  +

Broken Theater
Genre: Drama

10 artists meet in a ghost theater. At the cost of each other, they grapple with love, humiliation and loss.  +

Resentment (f/k/a Poplars)
Genre: Drama

A Ukrainian-Jewish boy struggles against an anti-Semitic culture and his father’s will, confronting the question of what it means to defend and protect one’s family.  +

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