Genre: Drama

A recently immigrated Iranian couple must balance their political activism in their home country with the struggles of making a new life in New York. 40 years later, in the same  +

Radical Acts | Late Style (working title)
Genre: Documentary

Vivid exploration of late-career creativity: painters, poets, musicians, filmmakers. How does a lifetime of experience, thought and experimentation inspire directions taken by older  +

Genre: Drama

When her husband’s boss comes home for dinner, a Pakistani-American woman struggles to play good host while navigating a personal crisis.  +

The Speed Of The Distance Between Us
Genre: Documentary

The Speed of the Distance Between Us provides an unflinching look into the lives of ten bereaved parents as they journey through grief and parenthood to make sense of their loss.  +

Queer Youth: A Foster Care Story
Genre: Documentary

Queer Youth: A Foster Care Story is a documentary feature about LGBTQ+ foster youth and families, and how they fight for a better future.  +

Genre: Documentary

As players come and go, Mobles cares for the horses essential to the sport of polo, with a smile and an everlasting thirst for life.  +

Genre: Drama

A Latinx story that explores the changes a couple faces when they learn they are expecting a child.  +

Science In Design
Genre: Documentary

Design, happiness, and the human ritual of understanding.  +

That White Horse Will Take Me Away
Genre: Student Film

A young woman may be suffering from a manic episode, a man may have stolen something that did not belong to him, an act of violence may occur, everything is in disorder.  +

Walter, Grace, & The Submarine
Genre: Comedy

Walter’s new in town. Grace is leaving town. When a chance romantic weekend connects them, they bond over traumatic childhoods, unrealized talents, and… ice cream.  +

Kenneth Cole: 40 Years of Purpose (Working Ttitle)
Genre: Documentary

With heart and 'sole', designer Kenneth Cole has put ‘cause' before ‘commerce’ for 40 years, igniting social awareness and change.  +

The Taste of Neon
Genre: Drama

A kleptomaniac caretaker goes on the run when her family discovers her thievery.  +

Night Poem
Genre: Documentary

Night Poem is a veritĂ© urban odyssey that follows Krystal, an LA-based homeless person undergoing gender transition, as she travels across the country, hoping to reconcile with her  +

Tomahawk Springs
Genre: Comedy

Mother and son hit the road west, stopping at diners, motels, and hot springs along the way.  +

Genre: Drama

In the immediate aftermath of sleeping with one another, two numb and jaded Angelenos discover just how far they'll go to break the monotony of their lives, uncovering the mutual  +

Detroit: The City of Churches
Genre: Documentary

Detroit: The City of Churches is a two hour film about the history of Detroit as told by the spiritual leaders of many of Detroit's oldest churches.  +

College Material
Genre: Documentary

“College Material” follows a group of NYC public school students through the stressful college application experience over a year, at a time when higher education  +

Genre: Drama

A Jewish real estate developer whose mother is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, learns a valuable lesson about faith as she tries to restore her mother’s memory.  +

Sandy Still Speaks: The Untold Truth
Genre: Documentary

A black mother searches for the truth after her daughter is found hanged in a jail cell after a traffic stop by a white cop.  +

Tree Hunter: Portrait of an American Artist
Genre: Documentary

Known as the "trail tree guy," Dennis Downes is a self-taught artist working to preserve ancient trees shaped by Native Americans to guide travelers through  +

Los Lobos Native Sons
Genre: Documentary

The feature documentary is the ultimate, authorized chronicle of the global Latin rock n'roll phenomenon Los Lobos.  +

Hearts Want
Genre: Drama

Two former lovers who reunite for a play by their terminally-ill mentor face the consequences of a secret that could change their lives forever.  +

Send a Voice
Genre: Documentary

A young Lakota mother fights to do the best she can for her children in this poetic meditation on motherhood, trauma, and healing.  +

Kids, Life & Rock 'n' Roll
Genre: Documentary

A coming-of-age documentary about two kids forming a band in the middle of a pandemic.  +

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