Genre: Drama

In 1986, a young Black woman from Alabama follows in James Baldwin’s footsteps as she pursues her dream of becoming a writer in Paris.  +

Women's World
Genre: Documentary

Bringing to life the legacy of San Francisco Chinatown’s nightclub era, a group of senior Chinese American dancers aged 70 to 93 went on road again, touring from the US to  +

In Silence and Solitude
Genre: Documentary

Two Deaf California artists overcome barriers to create works of art that continue to remain relevant one hundred years later.  +

Petit Beurre (working title)
Genre: Drama

Struggling with the transition into adulthood, a young Iranian- French-American woman escapes from the city and ventures to Cap Ferret where she reunites with her childhood  +

Genre: Drama

A farmer fights to keep his family alive as a race war befalls his town.  +

Le Retour de Jehan Alain
Genre: Experimental

Jehan and Marie-Claire Alain awaken from a long slumber to explore their past and legacies  +

Barrio Television
Genre: Documentary

Puerto Rican activists in the 1970s rebel against exclusion and occupy a NYC television studio to seize control of national airwaves for the first time.  +

Parole Prep
Genre: Documentary

PAROLE PREP is an intimate look at the American parole system, exposing racial prejudices and inequities mirrored in the justice system and society at large.  +

Genre: Experimental

Waves is a journey into the physiological effects of anxiety explored through magical realism.   +

Genre: Drama

Trapped within a vast prison, an untroubled young man must confront the pain he’s ignored when he finds himself face-to-face with consequence.  +

Into the Night: Portraits of Life and Death, part 2
Genre: Documentary

Into the Night: Portraits of Life and Death, part 2 features intimate, provocative stories of nine men and women forever changed by their encounters with mortality.  +

Object of Affection
Genre: Drama

At his massive birthday party, a future Yale Law student pursues a fascinating freshman girl, but his innocent pursuit mutates into a savage ritual.  +

No Home Here
Genre: Documentary

NO HOME HERE details the desperately resilient stories of Sacramento’s most compelling homeless individuals and uses them to as conduits to examine this pressing problem.  +

Love and Sorrow
Genre: Drama

Love and Sorrow tells a tragic and tender story of the holocaust to a new generation who knows very little of this history.  +

Age Ain't Nothin but a Number
Genre: Drama

When a young woman falls for a successful businessman who is already married, she is forced to re-evaluate life choices and comes to grips with the reality of love and relationships.  +

Genre: Documentary

A film about ancestry, spirituality and an encounter with origins. An ethnographic account of the cultural exchange between Brazil and Africa told from the life trajectories of  +

Untitled Sam Project (working title)
Genre: Documentary

In 2006, film producer, Sam, began a 24-year prison sentence leaving behind his young son. Now, they’re rebuilding their relationship by writing a film together.  +

Insert Yourself
Genre: Documentary

The intrauterine device (IUD) is enjoying a surge in popularity in the US, but a fraught history complicates its status as birth control royalty.  +

Untitled Oyster Film
Genre: Documentary

The ghosts of over-farmed oysters haunt New York City, the former oyster capital of the world, as environmental hopefuls attempt to repopulate these queer heroes.  +

SOUND & LIGHT (Working Title)
Genre: Drama

SOUND & LIGHT(working title) is a series of dramatic stories shared onlineas well as online initiatives that support Frontline Workers, Broadway Cares / Equity Fights Aids and  +

Black Privilege. White Power.
Genre: Drama

A young white Smith College student joins with an activist group to fight for civil rights in the Jim Crow era South and ends up taking part in one of the great protest movements  +

I'm The Veteran
Genre: Documentary

By sharing the stories of women veterans over generations this documentary breaks the stereotype of what a veteran looks like, setting the record straight.  +

Genre: Drama

When a young social elite at the turn of the nineteenth century explores life as a modern woman, she risks losing the man she loves and a certain future.  +

Genre: Science Fiction

After an astronomer discovers life on a star, dangerous changes creep into her life and her reality comes apart at the seams.  +

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