Our Land
Genre: Documentary

The 640 million acres of America’s public land is the last commonly held asset on the planet, which puts them squarely in the crosshairs of the immensely powerful.  +

Ourselves: Madly Seen (Provisional title)
Genre: Documentary

What does self-care look like for Asian Americans with lived experiences of mental illness?  +

Parole Prep
Genre: Documentary

PAROLE PREP is an intimate look at the American parole system, exposing racial prejudices and inequities mirrored in the justice system and society at large.  +

Genre: Drama

Amber escapes into the church bathroom with her best friend during a boring Sunday morning service.  +

Pink Moon
Genre: Drama

A queer couple living out of their van plan to rob a bank in a small conservative town.  +

Plastic People
Genre: Documentary

Plastic People is a landmark feature documentary that chronicles one woman’s mission to expose shocking new revelations about the impact of microplastics on human health.  +

Plum Island (working Title)
Genre: Documentary

As a high security government lab plans its departure, every issue of our times converges on tiny Plum Island, 100 nautical miles from Times Square.  +

Power of Attorney
Genre: Student Film

A heartless estate attorney searches the desert for the hidden assets of his deceased client only to find a dead body and a newfound empathy.  +

Genre: Drama

A socially-rooted police procedural, a race-against-time thriller, as well as a portrait of Nepal, a complex society on the edge of a new future.  +

Rare Animals
Genre: Documentary

In this documentary about climate change and natural harvests, wine foregrounds the human spirit of a grassroots winemaker working at the base of Mount Etna.  +

Genre: Drama

A young couple’s proposal goes horribly wrong when an altercation stirs up a deep-seated societal divide on an island off the coast of Istanbul, TURKEY.  +

Genre: Drama

Based on the true story of one courageous woman’s journey, which sets an epic love story against a backdrop of terror, espionage, revolution and the birth of a new  +

Sanctity of Space
Genre: Documentary

Lured by a black and white photograph, three renowned climbers pursue the ultimate adventure and show us why humans MUST explore.  +

Sandy Still Speaks: The Untold Truth
Genre: Documentary

A black mother searches for the truth after her daughter is found hanged in a jail cell after a traffic stop by a white cop.  +

Saund vs Cochran
Genre: Documentary

SAUND vs COCHRAN is a feature documentary about a time in our recent past when two candidates who couldn’t have been more different from each other– a wealthy aviatrix  +

School Dance
Genre: Comedy

In this Silent Dance Comedy six high schoolers confront their true identities through lush fantasies, all without words, one night at their 1980s school dance.  +

Scotty's Vag
Genre: Drama

A coming-of-age film about a college freshman who goes outside her comfort zone to impress the older girl she wants as her sorority “big”.  +

Seats at the Table
Genre: Documentary

 In a maximum security prison, college students and juvenile offenders meet weekly to discuss Russian Literature and discover the transformative power of their shared  +

Seeking Meaning - One Trip At A Time
Genre: Documentary

Feature length documentary film that highlights the growing number of US Veteran turning to psychedelic medicines to overcome symptoms of PTSD, TBI, Anxiety and Depression.  +

Shooting Blind
Genre: Documentary

Shooting Blind tells the story of a military sharpshooter who must reimagine his identity when diagnosed with a genetic retina disease that causes blindness.  +

Genre: Drama

In the immediate aftermath of sleeping with one another, two numb and jaded Angelenos discover just how far they'll go to break the monotony of their lives, uncovering the mutual  +

Sin Semilla No Hay Sombra (The Seed Before the Shade)
Genre: Documentary

The children growing up in the shores of the Amazon River in Peru show us that all humans are one and the same.  +

Genre: Documentary

4 girls + 3 sleepovers + 10 years = 1 important conversation about how girls today can successfully navigate adolescence despite the pressures they face. "Sleepover" calls  +

Socks on Fire: Uncle John and the Copper Headed Water Rattlers
Genre: Experimental

A poet composes a cinematic love letter to his grandmother as his homophobic aunt and drag queen uncle wage war over her estate in Hokes Bluff, Alabama.  +

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