Genre: Drama

On the first day of Eid, a self boy learns to think about more than just himself... The hard way!  +

El Sistema USA
Genre: Documentary

El Sistema USA is a feature documentary that is tracking a handful of kids in a diverse, impoverished community in West Philadelphia as they participate in Play On, Philly, a classical  +

End of the Line
Genre: Documentary

END OF THE LINE is a feature-length documentary about the New York City subway crisis and the dire state of America's transit infrastructure. Grounded in  +

Estamos Unidos
Genre: Documentary

Hundreds of Central American migrants form a “caravan” and must navigate the pains and joys of unity along an arduous journey across Mexico and towards the United States.  +

Genre: Drama

A fated mistake leads to a fleeting, chance encounter between a traveler and a reclusive New Yorker. When life takes them in opposite directions, each carries the significance of  +

Genre: Documentary

Weaving the narrative of Ezra's short lifetime with stories of survivors, the video depicts the disturbing and confounding epidemic of teen suicide.   +

Genre: Documentary

 tbd  +

Forgotten Champions
Genre: Documentary

“Forgotten Champions” is the story of the 1981-1982 Rutgers Lady Knights basketball team which shocked the University of Texas Longhorns to win the final AIAW championship.


Forty Dollars A Pop
Genre: Documentary

A documentary following a sperm donor who finds a family with his donor children, and falls in love with one of their moms.  +

Foster Care Film & Community Engagement Project (FCFCEP)
Genre: Documentary

Foster Care Film & Community Engagement Project tells the true-to-life stories of foster youth to create greater understanding of the child welfare system.  +

Fukushima Now
Genre: Documentary

FUKUSHIMA NOW is an interdisciplinary Film/VR documentary about the 2011 Fukushima accident on its 10th anniversary.  +

God on the Street
Genre: Documentary

Fresh from a devastating breakup and seeking purpose, a woman travels across the country asking strangers to describe their idea of God. What she doesn’t realize is that she’s  +

Genre: Drama

An unlikely partnership is formed when an old school Northern California marijuana farmer and a young, undocumented Mexican worker team up to rob an ancient  +

Gringo Shamans
Genre: Documentary

In the midst of ayahuasca tourism and ecological collapse, three shamans fight for the survival of curanderismo, a spiritual practice attracting Westerners to the Amazon.  +

Half a Soulja (Urban Casualties)
Genre: Documentary

Byron Breeze, Jr., born without legs or complete hands, is determined to “be somebody” and in the process challenges society to see his wholeness and not just his disability.<  +

Hampas Dugo
Genre: Experimental

Set in the Philippines, three men undergo an annual Holy Week penance ceremony brutally emulating that of the Passion of The Christ.  +

Genre: Documentary

Handheld uses footage from Albert Maysles’ 60 year-long career in order to create a portrait of the cinematographer himself. His daughter Rebekah mines the archive of outtakes  +

Hart Island: How The Other Half Dies
Genre: Documentary

On a desolate island, ten miles North of Manhattan, inmates from Riker's Island Jail volunteer to bury the unclaimed, indigent, and unidentified dead of New York City.  +

Genre: Documentary

HATELAND exposes how the United States has ignored right-wing extremism over the past decade and investigates how we can combat this domestic threat.  +

Hawaiian Soul
Genre: Drama

Against the backdrop of the 1970s native rights movement, a young Hawaiian activist must gain the support of an agitated and skeptical group of community elders to aid in  +

HEROES (working title)
Genre: Documentary

HEROES is the untold and inspiring story of the decades-long passionate fight of a group of activists to save their 2,500-year-old African community.  +

Hot To Trot
Genre: Documentary

Inside the fascinating but little-known world of same-sex competitive ballroom dance, HOT TO TROT follows a small international cast of four magnetic men and women, on and off the  +

Hungry for Love
Genre: Drama

Two down-and-out New Yorkers meet for the first time and embark on a five-borough food crawl together. Though they share a love of food, their relationships to their bodies are  +

I Am An African
Genre: Documentary

A documentary series exploring what it means to be African through the eyes of an African when they are noticed by the world.  +

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